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  • I just posted a new version of CG-Feedread up, that adds a few things.
    Most importantly is alpha support for Atom feeds — I’ve only tried two feeds so far, and I’m still doing pretty bare parsing, so I might not hit everything. And obviously, I’m still only pulling out some minimal fields.
    Upon request, I added the ability to show timestamps (RSS2 [pubDate], Atom [issued]), in RAW text without modification. I may convert them to a normalized format at some point.
    Also upon request, I added the ability to ‘simulate WP posts’, trying to match tagging to the WP styles. THIS is DEFINITELY only alpha-level, and WILL have varying success depending on your template changes… 😉
    To accomodate the two different styles of output, and the possibility that you might want the ability to show a given feed in BOTH styles in different parts of your site, I now cache the WP-style and ‘classic sidebar list style’ generated html into two separate cache files, so the two caches can coexist.
    Lemme know if I generated any bugs along the way! 😉

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  • Gee, I HATE that the forum ‘logs me out’. Grrrrr.

    Okay, some more enhancements have gotten into the last few releases, enough that people will want to update.
    Most importantly, just fixed a bug in XMLParser.php which caused errors under older versions of PHP — anyone who had “stream_set_timeout” errors should be good to go now. 🙂
    Less important were continuing enhancements to parsing of data, additional optional fields to display, reworking of the snippet() function to not eat into html-ized special characters, and reorganization of code to html-ize things as late as possible so snippets are ‘more accurate’.
    Grab it from the CG-Feedread Download Page.

    How long does the feedread.php look to the cache instead of the feed.
    The feed I use changes daily, and I wonder if that is a variable I can change — that is, how long the cache is valid.

    I did check the feedread.php file…but didn’t see that.
    Is that the file that string is in?
    Thanks for helping me despite my failure to do what needed to be done.

    Sandman, feel free to contact me (use the contact form off the About page) offline if needed. Otherwise, keep posting here.
    Yes, by default, the feeds recache every six hours. For the average once-or-twice-a-day update feeds, that’s fine (four times a day it’ll recache…). Should just work.
    If you need to, you can set the XML_CACHE_TIME to something like 1 (or other single-digit numbers) for ‘instant recaching’ to verify things are working the way you want. I do this sometimes..

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