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  • Nervously, I start a new topic. Go easy on me if this is covered elsewhere as this question breaks my support forum virginity!! I have searched this forum and David’s site but can’t find a specific answer.

    I have CG Feedreader (almost) working fine on my site. Other than getting the above message all seems to be OK. Can’t resolve the above issue though.
    Have checked properties of CG feed cache directory and is set to 777 (and contents of directory) which is where I though the problem was.
    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • hmmm. usually it’s because either the directory or a cachefile isn’t writeable by the php process. or that the directory isn’t in the right place (which is tough, since you have to upload it all!).

    if you uploaded an already-created cachefile, I’d delete it and try again. otherwise, not quite sure! I think I also have double-checked the cg-plugins and plugins and wp-content permissions, though I’m not sure that matters… can’t recall if you need permissions in parent directories or not.

    I’m pretty sure others have run into similar issues before, let’s see if someone chimes in.


    Thanks for the lightning response David. If I manually delete the contents of the cache folder and let them re-populate as the page loads, everything looks fine until at some ‘future’ point (the refresh cycle I guess) the error message pops up.

    I had set the permissions for the directory to server writeable and ticked the box to allow folder contents to be server writeable but they weren’t.
    Individually set permissions on each cache file in folder and error message disappeared.

    Grrr. That means the default php creation mask is ‘bad’ somehow, that php was able to create the initial file, but then is unable to re-open it. Might want to ping your provider on that one…


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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