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  • I’ve made the 0.91 BETA release available:
    It provides easy populating of a database full of your favorite Amazon products, and quick adding to your template for displaying recent and random items.
    Supports pretty much any product listed on Amazon (at least first-party items — anything with an ASIN), in every catalog — games, toys, music, dvds, books, electronics, apparel, you name it!
    Basic locale support, though I’ve only ever tested US (people wanting to try outside of US should talk to me).
    Any Qs, fire away!

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  • Okay, 0.922 is now being uploaded — should fix user-login-detection issues I missed as my site checks login state within wp-config at all times… my bad!
    cga-config.php now does the login checks, and I’ve also changed the bracketing slightly so that I can use my defaults on my site, but make sure I give a clean copy at to all of you! 😉

    File still says 0921 but now I get (and of course its late and I did not backup so I am off to bed to look at this later):
    7 Items. Sort by age (ascending).
    Current Items (-15-0)
    ID Asin Name AmazCat BlogCat Note Action
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\wordpress\wp-admin\CGA-ADMIN.php on line 421

    Tell me if you can recreate the problem, if not I’ll poke around on my end. Just got up so I’d rather go get a cup of coffee and a paper…

    The only thing I can see would cause that is if $maxPerPage somehow got a – sign before it, i.e., $maxPerPage = -16; That would show up as (-15 – 0).
    Well, that’s not quite true. If $page was 2 somehow, even though you’ve only got one page, the same thing would occur.
    I’ll put in a few sanity checks.
    I also just added another cool admin feature. There’s now a right-floating “@” on cgaindex.php pages, that will jump you into the cga-admin interface at any time. Only shows up if user_level>4, and bc it’s simple float-right, possible it could get covered up…
    Making new 0923 version and uploading…

    Something’s broke. Before you look any further, I am going to drop my table and recreate it this afternoon or evening. At this point starting from scratch might be the way to go, especially since I only had a few items in the database.

    Sounds good. With the new click-to-add thing, you can quickly populate a DB with a bunch of random items for testing. 😉
    Drop me an email if you want to IM later about this offline til we get it figured out.

    Dropped and recreated the database, but on the first add got:
    Result = [ADDED]
    1 Items. Sort by age (ascending).
    Current Items (-15-0)
    ID Asin Name AmazCat BlogCat Note Action
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\wordpress\wp-admin\CGA-ADMIN.php on line 433
    I’ll keep looking for the cause. You can ICQ, AIM, MSN or Yahoo me anytime.

    Okay, so thanks to Beel, we’ve hunted down and fixed two more issues, one related to plugins overriding my $page variable for multi-page lists of products, the other related to escaping/slashing strings properly before insertion into the database. I’ve also added user-config control over the number of items listed per page (same number for cgaindex and cga-admin lists…).
    Release 0.924 is now up:

    Stuck with this error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare findstr() (previously declared in /home/user/public_html/wpblog/helper_fns.php:116) in /home/user/public_html/wpblog/cg-plugins/helper_fns.php on line 116

    You are probably using another hack that calls helper_fns, read the May 15th post regarding this.

    As the download page notes:

    NOTE: if you use cg-feedread and/or cg-referer, grab THOSE new versions as well, as they have been synchronized with this release. You’ll want to place them into the cg-plugins folder that’s in this (CGA) zip/archive.

    get the new stuff, put it all in cg-plugins, include cga-config.php FIRST before the others (as it’ll setup $myplugins so you can use that for paths to the others)… and all should be good.

    Ugh, just found another minor issue.
    The documentation line to add to your INDEX.PHP is WRONG. It was correct for the first release or two, but is now incorrect.
    The correct line to add after wp-blog-header is:
    That is all that is needed to start the system. It’ll load all other required files.
    Going to update the doc and note on the site, and rev the version.

    Okay, new files are up. Docs are revised. Better sanity-checking in place.
    Let me know if people run into further issues. I’m here to fix em! 😉

    Had to replace the last line of the create table script in cg-amazon.php as
    ) TYPE=MyISAM;”; // corrected a bad terminated query causing error on some servers
    to get it to work with my severs…thanks to wp-polls for pointing this out!

    would be nice to have the look n’ feel integrate into the existing css file. I’m not css wiz, any thoughts on what this would take?

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