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  • I checked my installed plugins against the WordPress 2.0 compatible list and I was fine… but I just upgraded… and despite what the list says CG-Amazon will generate two callback errors in capabilities.php in Internet Explorer.

    Any hacks to prevent this?

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  • They are apparently side effects of my approach to securing CG-Amazon. I did not see these during my early testing on a provided WP2 beta test site, so not sure if something changed in the month-plus up to the release.

    I’m trying to find either a hack that doesn’t leave the system with security issues, or the proper rework of the code. But given that I need to do paid consulting first to put food on the table, the PowerPack only gets secondary cycles. If I had enough users willing to pay for PowerPack modules, I could probably really commit time every month. 😉

    Anyway. Yes, the author knows — and no, there’s not a hack right this second, but I’ll post up here when I’ve got something for folks to use.


    David, do you know why it only happens in Internet Explorer? Firefox and Opera were fine.

    Rumor has it that these warnings from capabilities.php (lines 152 and 156) can be “turned off” somewhere in WordPress’s configuration.

    Can anyone confirm this… and if so, where is the setting?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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