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  • OhYo


    By default, our form looks like junk. It has a numbered list, its all crammed together. It needs help. So am I supposed to edit a css file or something? I’ve checked every nominal option in wordpress and files it accesses; and we’ve checked the help page and such so.

    1. how do we get rid of the numbered list
    2. what’s the best way to do spacing and other formatting with this plugin?
    3. is there any other resource for Cformsii thats better than their ‘faq/help’ page?

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  • olivers


    For one, if you want help you should tone your voice down a bit.
    Secondly, skimming through an FAQ list is different than making an effort to reading and understanding FAQs.
    Lastly with no URL to look at, it’d be only pointless guessing…

    Please also visit the cforms forum »

    I too have been frustrated by the same problems with the forms. I just deleted the whole installation of cforms because I spent several hours working on this. What happens is the fields don’t line up, and are all jammed against the name of the field. After changing the template, the form looks nothing like the preview! I like the killer contact forms I’ve been seeing, but mine isn’t happening.

    I’m going to try to install again tommorrow – so take a look then.Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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