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  • Good Morning, I’ve downloaded and installed the cForms plug-in. It’s really good, thanks Voodoo! The only thing I need to do now is remove the WP comment box at the bottom of the form.

    I’m sure there must be a way to do that and just leave the form I created.

    Thanks much!

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  • Special WP Comment Feature input fields ยป

    in the HELP section of cforms the above is in the table of contents to get you going on using cforms for your comments

    looking it over, there’s a bit of configuration to do….I haven’t used this feature, so I’m not super familiar

    Good Morning RVoodoo,

    I don’t want to use cforms in my comments. I want to remove comments from cforms and just leave my form on the page. If you have a moment and can take a look here:

    look below the submit button on the form and you’ll see a comment box. I want to remove that.

    Thanks much!


    kinda depends what exactly you want to do then

    On a per post/page basis you can disable comments. It’s in the editor….that’ll disable it for the one page

    do you want to disable commenting entirely and just use your form? Thats also in your admin area… settings-> discussion
    Allow people to post comments on new articles unchecking that turns off comments site wide

    or you can remove commenting entirely from your theme…which is justa bit more work

    Nope, don’t want to remove it from the entire site/theme. Only the pages that I have a form on. Actually, I only want comments to appear on the blog section of the site. Everything else would be pages etc…

    well then, on a page by page basis you could uncheck the ‘Allow Comments’ box in the discussion area (just under the custom fields area) to remove the comment box


    if you are sure you want to remove comment box from all pages, but leave for blog posts….then in your theme you can edit page.php and remove this bit of code
    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    Interesting, I unchecked it from the single page. That did not seem to work on the page that I’m working on. However, I remember it working on other pages when I unchecked it.
    I thought that cforms was putting the comment box on the page and not WP! Maybe it needs to be unchecked before creating and then saving the page initially.

    I got the form working on the pages without the comment box. I just hope I don’t have any future problems unchecking comment boxes in the future. I know it was working in the past weeks!

    Ok, time to move on to having cforms redirect the page once the form has been filled out and submitted. I need this last thing to happen and then I’m good!

    yeah….I haven’t used that feature either…but I did look into it, I know its in there!!

    ah….there it is…
    under core form admin/email options

    redirect options

    Yeah, I see it! Let me jump in and go to it!!!

    Thanks a bunch!

    Thanks for recommending the plug’s very cool!

    Yeah, I use it on every website. You can do so much with it…easily once you learn the ropes

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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