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  • I don’t even like this plugin – it’s way too complicated. I liked my old plug in for wp 2.3, Contact Form ][, which works all the time and is very simple in my other blog.

    This form worked when I tested it. Today a client tried to reach me through it, couldn’t, and I discovered it hangs at “one moment please.” This looks totally unprofessional.

    I don’t think there is an abspath php for this version, none in my folders. In his support page he says to change class-phpmailer to class.phpmailer. My server keeps telling me no periods allowed, just letters and numbers. No answer from him yet on that.

    Any solution, or is there a faster, easier, more reliable contact form around?

    Many thanks.

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  • Hm. I’ve been using cforms for ages and it’s by far the most robust and feature rich form plugin out there. The few issues I had in the past where all related to server or configuration errors on my end.

    What were your problems?

    Have you checked the cforms forum? There are lots of helpful discussions going on there, not always easy to search/track down, but Oliver who runs it is super helpful.


    I just got a reply from Oliver, the writer of this plugin. He was incredibly rude, sarcastic, and unhelpful. He obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Has anyone been able to fix the hang? Thanks.

    Oh, thanks, BerndS, I didn’t see your reply before.

    I told Oliver how I followed his directions in the FAQ, and he had no idea what I was talking about!

    The error is:when someone fills out the contact form, it says One moment, please…and just hangs. The form remains below, all filled out – it doesn’t return to empty, I mean, or give a message saying thank you. I have 3 emails that it can go to, just to be safe, and none of them worked.

    It worked the first time I tested it, but never since.

    You’re right, his forums are very difficult to read. In Oliver’s Faq he says to do this:
    The form hangs after submit (SMTP)

    In case you’re using the SMTP feature:

    * This requires a WP release coming with the phpmailer feature, check for class-phpmailer.php & class-smtp.php in wp-include/
    * Due to a known WP bug (even still in 2.2.2), make sure you create a copy of class-smtp.php and rename to class.smtp.php
    * Due to limitations on the phpmailer end, there is no support for SSL or TLS
    I did try to change this php name, but my server says no period can be added to a php, just numbers and letters, so I can’t rename it with a period.

    When I told Oliver this, he said he never told me to do this, and to try to reboot – as a joke. How funny.

    I don’t have Captcha, and I have version 8.6, so I don’t know what else to try. Any ideas?

    Usually I would leave it at that. However for sake of completeness here is my take, especially since you’re publicly accusing me and not even sharing the context, Donna or Drawer.

    I told Oliver how I followed his directions in the FAQ, and he had no idea what I was talking about!

    I had no idea how what you’ve tried stood in context with your problem, since you didn’t give me much data to work with…that’s why I asked a simple question which you refused to answer.

    The FAQ by now contains a lot of information and as I pointed out, you probably followed the wrong steps. Especially for a vague statement such as ‘I have the same problem‘ chances are there are more than one sources of error.

    You’re right, his forums are very difficult to read. In Oliver’s Faq he says to do this:
    The form hangs after submit (SMTP)

    You should’ve read on to the area where it says: “One momemt please…

    When I told Oliver this, he said he never told me to do this, and to try to reboot – as a joke. How funny.

    I’ve offered help, I asked for more information, you decided to not give the info, at this point, a pinch of sarcasm was my only way out 🙂

    In all honesty and after reading you post here and seeing all the other support request in your profile, I *sincerely & without sarcasm* suggest you try an easier-to-setup contact form plugin, there are plenty out there.
    Good luck.



    Seems like we clash once again, dude. Why do you always have to be so full on. You only seem to think in absolutes. Oliver didn’t charge you for his plugin, did he? And he’s giving support in his free time, does he not?

    But anyways, to stop you from moaning… If cforms has too many features for you, then why don’t you try Contact Form 7? Uses the jquery framework and has never let me down. You can find it in the extend pages.


    I gotta say, these comments are completely trash. I had this same problem and was able to fix it in less the 5 min after going to Olivers forums and looking at his FAQ.

    Olivers, don’t let the flamers get you down, you’ve done amazing work on this plugin, and personally I think it’s awesome! We use it for all of our forms for, and using gmail, we then created rules that forward out the emails depending on “subject” line since you make it so easy to post whatever we want into the subject line.

    Again, great job, keep up the good work, and as for the flamers on this post, if you don’t like the plugin, why are you even using it? Go find a plugin that would do half of what this does, then you might have room to argue.

    Try turning AJAX off on the specific form you are having issues with.

    I was having a problem with a WordPress build that was housed in a subdomain where on submission the form would hang on – “One Moment Please…” I had a tool around, and found some useful info on Delicious Days:

    I also found info on the problem being related to subdomains specifically. I’m with hostgator fyi.

    Cheers – and great plugin Oliver. Kudos to you and the folks @ DD who do so much to support the WP community. You rock.

    I was having this same problem due to something I mucked up. You have to be careful if you’ve moved around your blog at all, if so the form will hang. I posted the solution to my own self created problem over at Oliver’s blog:

    post over at oliver’s forum

    which is just changing two files, the cforms.js and the abspath.php to correct the location…..

    Olivers cforms is simply Awesome!

    And dozer is right. You gotta be careful. In fact the same thing happened to me. I set up my temp site under just the ip address. When I pointed the domain to the server and went live with the site I encountered the “one moment please” hanging problem. A quick Google search and “Bamb!” First result and I find myself here. So I should also thank for being awesome as well. Good job all around!

    This is without a doubt the best contact form plugin. We did come across this issue in many of our sites, though. As many noted before, this issue seems to only exist if your site is in a subdomain. If the suggested fixes in the FAQ don’t work you can easily just disable Ajax for it to work again – we noticed that it really doesn’t make such a huge difference, it redirects you quite quickly to the contact form.

    Hi – I recieved the same error (hanging at “one moment please message”. I upgraded to cformsII beta version 11 and now my messages are being sent successfully. Now all hunkydory! 8o)

    PS – I love this plugin xxx See it working on

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