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    I have made a booking form with two payment methods (bank transfer / paypal). Had some problems with the setup but now this works (thanks for the good and quick support bei CP!).

    Two things for me to solve yet:
    1. After the paypal payment there is a redirection to the “thank you” page which I created before and then inserted the URL into the form processings / email settings.
    BUT I need a redirection also after choosing bank transfer and hitting the submit-button. After that there is just a white page (with correct header and menu and sidebar). That is rather confusing for the customer not knowing if data has been sent correctly. Confirmation emails are sent correctly but without any redirection to another page this simply looks unprofessional (booking process seems not to be finished)…

    2. In the confirmation message I can use the fieldname to add data/values of the filled in fields into the email and this works fine.
    I want to insert a fieldname into the email subject (f.e. your booking for event <%fieldname11%>) but this doesn’t work, you just see <%fieldname11%> but not its value/data.

    Also in the “thank you” page after paypal payment I have set the fieldnames, but no values are shown, only <%fieldname11%> etc.

    Looking forward to any help for this, thank you.


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    The “Calculated Fields Form” always redirect to the thanks page, even if not is used PayPal.

    Go to your form’s settings, and enter the URL to the thanks page in the attribute:

    “Thank you page (after sending the message):”

    About the notification and confirmation messages with field <%fieldname11%>, if you are using only one form on page, try using: <%fieldname11_1%>

    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    There was a mistake in my first post.
    After form filled in and data submitted (option bank transfer) there is a completely white page and in the url line is the page listed that owns the used booking form (page with the appropriate shortcode) and not the thank you page that I have included into the form’s settings.
    The thank you page works fine with paypal (as mentioned in my first post) but is not redirected with the other payment option.

    2. changing to <%fieldname11_1%> didn’t help, email subject still showing: “your booking for event <%fieldname11_1%>”. Same at the thankyou page after paypal payment:

    I Have created the thankyou page as follows:
    Hello <%fieldname1%> <%fieldname3%>,
    we have received your booking data etc. etc.

    fieldname1 is the title, fieldname2 is the name.

    Fields aren’t filled with the form data, that’s my problem.


    After quick and professional support from the CP guys now everything works as wanted.
    Thanks again @cp!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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