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  • Hi,

    We are using Contact Form 7 integrated with Pardot on our website but for some reason when we get a from submitted on our site, we get an email notification about the new form submission 6 times!

    We contacted Pardot support and they say their end is fine and that its to do with this plugin.

    Anyone had similar issue and can help resolve this?


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  • Plugin Author zaus


    Are the notifications you’re taking about from my plugin or CF7?

    What does the debug email say? In my experience, Pardot does some weird redirects, but there could be another WP plugin causing a conflict with mine.

    Hi, the notifications are emails that come from Pardot (“Pardot Form Handler Notification” – notifying us that a form was submitted on our website).

    This setup (your plugin + CF7 + Pardot) was working fine for a while, but then we started getting these multiple notification emails every time a form is submitted.

    From your experience, which plugin you think may be causing this conflict?

    Not sure how to generate a debug email?


    Pardot support basically says it’s not their problem – would love to hear if a solution is found:

    Multiple Duplicate Submissions
    Multiple form handler submissions from the same form handler are listed in one prospect’s activities table even though that individual only submitted the external form once.

    This typically occurs when an external form’s server is posting to the Pardot form handler endpoint URL multiple times. Pardot will record all posts to the form handler endpoint URL as separate activities on a prospect’s activities table.
    Since Pardot has no control over how many times a form submission is posted to the form handler, Pardot admins should work with the team that manages the external form and/or the external form’s support team on this issue. The key to resolving this problem is identifying why the form is posting multiple times to the Pardot form handler endpoint URL.

    I just fixed this for us, I think. On the Form Handler, there’s a checkbox: Enable data forwarding to the success location

    It was unchecked, by checking it, it seems to have stopped sending multiple times. Hope this works for you!

    Hey amber, you nailed it!
    We ticked the ‘Enable data forwarding..’ tick box on our form handler and it also fixed the issue!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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