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    I’ve had an issue come up with a client where contact forms are not completing the send — instead, they get the spinning arrows, then nothing. This is a recent issue, and they are my only client reporting this issue. I currently have all my clients on WP 3.5.2 due to the reports of conflicts with WP 3.6, and am using the most current version of CF7. This says to me that the only variable is the hosting, since only this one client uses Dreamhost.

    Any ideas as to what’s happening here? I’ve read it’s a spoofing fix, but the forms are already set up to generate the “From” email address as the client’s, with a “Reply-to” from the user. Again, nobody else is reporting this error.

    Any advice would be most appreciated.


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  • Is the from email the same as the sever? I know you said it’s the client’s but if the domain is (say) and their email is gmail, it won’t work right.

    A lot of people have had success using for this, with gmail and non-same domain emails.



    Yes, the email is the same as the domain. They use Google Apps to pull it, but it’s still using the same SMTP as the server. It’s been working beautifully for months, up until this issue appeared.

    AH! New information, thank you! 😀 It sounded like this had never worked 😉

    That may be related to a mail server issue. If they’re having problems with their normal email through our servers, have ’em open a ticket and we’ll sic our mail maestros on it.

    Hey guys!

    Having the same issue over here. Hosted on dreamhost, CF7 has been working well for as long as I can remember, then just stopped sending emails a day or two ago when I was updating WP and the CF7 plugin. The email that it’s supposed to be sent to us a address (not a address).

    Any help you could give me on this would be great! I tried to configure a SMTP plugin, but could not find one that worked. Not sure what you mean by it being a ‘mail server’ issue.



    Thanks Ipstenu, will give it a try. I think email is functioning properly on its own, it’s just the form submission that’s not going through. So, website application problem, I guess? That’s what I’m putting in a ticket for, anyway.

    That should be perfect, Lisa.

    torietorie – I mean that our email servers (which are used by WP to send the email) may be the issue. If you raise a ticket, someone mail-smarter-than-I-am can help 🙂



    Great, thanks for the assistance!

    Below is my original post, but I’m an idiot and mixed up Dreamhost with Bluehost. My clients issues, described in my original post here, were with BLUEHOST, not Dreamhost (who are AWESOME, BTW). Sorry for the confusion.


    Lisa, did Dreamhost ever resolve this for you? I have had an issue with a clients site for months with no resolution. WordPress cannot send ANY outbound email. I suspect it’s a Dreamhost server issue, yet they refuse to acknowledge it. If you have any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Think ultimately I might recommend the client move to a different hosting provider.

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