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    I just purchased Gsheet connector, and trying to integrate.
    As required, Google code was generated, and pasted as it is. However, I am keep having the error,
    [Invalid Access code entered.]

    Screen shot pic here,

    Is this because e-mail purchased was different google address?
    Or something to do with CF7 ?

    It was working when I was using Gsheet connector FREE version without problem, but as soon as we purchased PRO version, we lost the connection. And integration is stuck..
    Please kindly help me,, asap..

    Best regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Hello @zfam123
    Thanks for getting PRO version.
    As per the given screenshot it looks already activated.
    If you will upgrade from FREE to PRO then authentication will remain same, nothing to do with that.

    Now, go to Contact Forms, Open the Forms and Move to Google Sheet Tab and click to fetch the sheets, once fetched then you can select the file from dropdown,
    If your google account have too many sheets, then it will take time to fetch, you can also enter manually sheet name and tab name if too many sheets.
    Then, select the field names as a checkbox
    Refer the documentation

    Below that you can change the order too while drag and drop.

    Feel free to send message at
    For Quick Support for PRO users.

    Let me know.




    Dear Abdullah,

    Thank you very much for your quick response, I am so impressed!
    Now I got all spreadsheet in the google drive on the dropdown list, from Contact Forms.
    As you said, now I understood it was only taking time because I have many spreadsheet in my google drive.

    It should be working now,, but may I just ask one more thing?
    I understand pro version is storing NEW form answers on the spreadsheet from now on, but Is there any way for us to save it in the old from answers with attachment..?
    (question with little hope,, because I just couldn’t find out to specify the duration, or specific dates,, so I assume there is no way to pick up the old data..)

    Many thanks!

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Hi @zfam123,

    CF7 Google Sheet Connector works after form is submitted and email is send.

    As it is simple light plugin we just pickup the data from the CF7 form submission and place it to the Google Sheet.

    We don’t save anything to the database. So its obvious that old submitted data would not be recovered. You can only get the submitted details from your email that is set for your Contact Forms.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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