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    CF7 Google Sheet Connector Version 4.0 Updates

    We’re thrilled to announce that the CF7 Google Sheet Connector Plugins is released with the latest Google API version V4.

    This is a major and important release as API V3 will be closed after 1st March 2020. So, we would recommend you all, to read the instruction carefully and then update.

    The update would require you to re-authenticate with your Google Account again as Google API V4 requires the different scope for authentication.

    If you don’t reauthenticate your data will be not sent to the sheet and even plugin might display error under log.txt files.

    Also, to avoid any loss of data redo the Google Sheet settings of each Contact Forms again with the required sheet and tab details. You would need to add Sheet and Tab Id. Which you can find it out from the Sheet URL.


    Where 1ooBdX0cgtk155ww9MmdMTw8kDavIy5J1m76VwSrcTSs is the Sheet Id
    0 is the Tab Id.

    Note: Sometimes the Tab Id would be other numbers like 1573201459. So simply add Tab Id as 1573201459.

    Feel free to let us know if you find any issue with the reconfiguration of the plugin.

    Plugin Author / Plugin Developer.

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  • @westerndeal Hi, Please have a look at my photo here.

    As you can see the data sent from CF7 were wrongly entered into other column.
    And for each new data sent, it will move to another column like 2 more column to the right and so on…

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Hi @perosak,

    It seems you have not added the headers correctly.

    Remove the blank column after each header name and then check.

    Also, Date must be date.

    Let me know if you still have any issue.

    Removing the square braces from the headers worked for me. Thank you!

    Dear @westerndeal ,

    Thank you so much for explaining that. The setting in the spreadsheet worked previously but not on this latest Updates.

    Yes, now its all working perfectly.

    Thanks again ! 😀

    Not working since update.
    This plugin has been working fine for me for some time, but after updating, the data is not sent to the sheet that contains all my previous data. I thought an update would continue to use the same Sheet without modification.
    I have disabled, deleted, and re-added and activated the plugin..
    I have obtained and saved an authentication code from Google
    I have updated the sheet info (Sheet and Tab ID)
    Still not working

    @trcwebmaster Have you tried removing the square braces from the headers? I used to have [your-name] in the previous version and it was working. After the update, it wasn’t working. But I changed it to just your-name and it’s working for me now.

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    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Hello @trcwebmaster

    Please go through my message above.
    As you know we have updated Google library from V3 to V4
    Now, google sheet must be created in a perfect way.
    No square braces[], No un-organized sheet, and Naming the columns must be perfect exactly as used in naming fields.
    Again, don’t use special characters in naming field, whereas Caps and Spaces will work in V4. which was the major issue with V3.
    Hope this is clear. Please correct the sheet and let me know if it works.

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    @avinashk30 and @perosak

    Thanks for sharing that this change works.
    So that other users can also make sure to confirm that these changes effects and helps to solve an issue.

    Olá! Fiz todas as configurações mas não funciona. Alguém resolveu?
    Wordpress versão 5.3.2–pt_BR
    Php 7.1

    Hi there, thanks for the update but I think I have run into some issues.
    For the column date and time, it starts with a single quotation mark which i am a bit confused. Could you help me to look into the issue? Appreciate for the help!

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Date must be used as simply date
    no single quotation marks, please follow the given instruction.

    Plugin Author Abdullah WesternDeal


    Siga as instruções fornecidas e me informe com os erros que você possui.

    Oi, @westerndeal Fiz tudo como você informou mas o cadastro não entra na planilha. E já autentiquei 2 vezes.

    I have been through my Sheet that has been working in the past. The column headers have never had square brackets. I have checked the spelling of the Sheet header names against the CF7 form. They all match as far as I can see – capitalisation is the same. Some fields have a hyphen, eg First-name or radio-687 – no other special characters.
    The first Sheet column is titled Date and is formatted as type date. Other columns are formatted as Automatic except one other that is formatted as type Date (for Date-of-birth column)

    The Integration tab shows Google Access Code is Currently Active

    The submitted form also is emailed to another recipient so they know someone has entered data. This just uses the standard CF7 email setup. This still works.

    I’ve tried to send this data multiple times. The email arrives, but nothing is added to my Google Sheet.

    Also the Connector nag screen will not go away even if I select Yes I have done.

    WordPress: 5.3.2
    PHP: 7.2.27

    Bit more info.
    I created a brand new Sheet with the column headers matching the CF7 form.
    Added the new IDs for the Google sheet and Tab.
    Sent the form data, but still nothing is added to the new Sheet. The corresponding email arrives OK
    Is there something else I can try?

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