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  • mattiebo123


    I’d like to start off by saying that I think this plugin is brilliant and I spent a long time looking for a to-do list plugin which could suit my needs, and this has been a perfect fit.

    I’ve been using the plugin to create checklists for players of popular videogames like Skyrim and Borderlands 2, giving each user their own unique version of the checklist for them to fill as they play. It’s been working very well, but I’ve hit a bit of a problem.

    On the Skyrim checklist (here) one of the categories seems to reset the items when they’ve been ticked. It’s happening on the top (Main Quests) section on the page, but doesn’t seem to be happening anywhere else.

    Ticking an item will take it off the list, but if you reload the page it will re-appear. Going into the user area shows that the item is completed, but it still doesn’t appear to be completed on the checklist page.

    I was wondering if anyone knew why this was happening. I have a lot of to-do items split into several categories, but only that category seems to be broken.

    If you’d like to see it first-hand, you can use this fake user:
    Username: usertst
    Password: passtst
    (obviously, this user has no powers and will most likely be deleted when this is sorted.)

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  • Plugin Author Cindy Kendrick


    Great site, I’ll have to get the URL to my husband who is a big gamer.

    I logged in as that user and checked off some of the items on Main Quests (I tried several different browsers) and in all of them it did work correctly. When I reloaded that page, the items were gone and didn’t reappear.

    Are you using a caching plugin at all? Since you said it was being shown as completed in the backend, it sounds like something might be caching it on the frontend possibly and so isn’t showing the most up to date version of the page. I don’t know why it would only happen with that one category only though.



    Thanks for the speedy response. Oddly, I’ve tested this on multiple devices as well as browsers using 3 different accounts and have had the same thing happen every time.

    It’s very reassuring to know that it worked for you though, as that hopefully means that the majority of the people who use the checklist won’t have the same problems.

    I’ll need to have a little case study just to make sure no one else has the issue. You’ve been very helpful, so thanks a lot! (and thanks again for the brilliant plugin)

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