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  • Hello I am working on a blog, and I have no experience in php or css. I mainly just look through the code and try things out a lot, until it works. What I’m trying to do, is bascially put certain categories under certain headings on my sidebar. Ex. Sports heading with my categories like Hockey Basketball, etc.

    Then a Media heading with like my television category, music, etc.

    Thanks for help!

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  • Why not have a “parent” category Media and subcategories under it: tv, music etc. ?

    My skin parent category if theres no posts in it, so this is bascially what I want.

    I can say the category name myself with text, then show every sub category of the parent under it, by listing the parent category. The thing is that I’m not sure how to do this, as my category menu shows all cateogries.

    Oh wait I know what you mean. But what I’m trying to get is liek an entire header for the categories, not just a larger heading. On my blog for exmaple, the links section is an entire header as well as trhe categories section.

    does anyone happen to know? I’m probably looking for some sort of php include tag that only includes a category #

    Still not clear what you’d like to do, but see if any of these tags can do what you want:

    I think what he wants is for the catagories (parent ones, maybe all as well) to show up even if there are no posts under it. A perma one.

    Same thing I’m looking for.

    if that’s all you want – read the Codex. E.g.

    What i mean is like

    <1 category>

    Another heading
    <2nd category>

    probably would have some sort of php include category =1 or something but i’m not sure what to do

    like I’ll have one haeding which i put myself in sidebar .php, then ill include just one category, in this case the main category which will show all my subcategories.

    Let me rephrase, is there a php code for me to insert only one cateogry? or is the list_cats thing have to do ALL Categories

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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