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  • Hi,

    I wonder how I can get some post not placed under my first blog page? I want to create one page where we can place specific post which will be locked and only visible to members of our site. How can I solve this.

    I’m using latest WP and Twenty Eleven theme. I’m also using UAM plugin which we have set a member group so all post are locked today but appears in the first blog page which I want to avoid. First page should only View unlocked post.

    If any one have a solution for this either with a hack or plugin please tell me asap.


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  • The Blog In Blog plugin will let you use categories to view Posts in a selected Category on a page. It will also let you exclude those Posts from the Home page.

    Great Its working exactly the way I wanted. Only thing that dont work is sticky post, these remains as sticky on front blog page and not as sticky in sub-page. Any solution for that?

    That is the way WP works by default. The only way I can think of to solve that is to use two loops in the template.

    The first loop would retrieve only the sticky posts.

    The second loop would be paginated and retrieve all but the sticky posts.

    The exact coding would depend on your theme.

    I’m using Twenty Elewen. Can you show me how and where the code should be?

    The Codex article on Multiple Loops might help.

    Also, you should not make changes to Twenty Eleven code. You should create a Child theme to make your changes. If you do not, all of your changes will be lost if you update your theme.

    The code in this pastebin should be what you want. Save it as home.php in your child theme.


    I will test your hack later today. I have already a child theme created so I will save your home.php there. Will be back later after I tested.


    Have tested and saved home.php in my folder for child theme but it doesn’t work the way I want:

    1. The sticky post with member category shows up in correct page but not as sticky. I want the heading on top been showed as “News! “Sticky posts heading here” as it does in head blog and if more then one sticky then they all other shows up under the above mentioned headings.
    2. The above post dissapears from head blog as sticky and thats correct.

    I checked in my TwentyElewen theme and I cant see any file called home.php as I have saved under my child theme mapp so question is if the file should be renamed to something that exist in original theme map?

    If this is the case or if its anything else which cause the issue I dont know. Any idea here?


    I notice now a different how the new page act depending how I navigate to the same. I have my new page placed under Blog in head menu and when accessing the page from there then I dont get any sticky headings even if I can see the sticky post.

    When I’m accessing same page from Category archive the I get the Sticky heading above the post. But not the “News……” in top that still dont appears.



    The home.php file is only accessed from the home URL, not from an archive page. If you want the same layout on every page, you will need to create a custom index.php file in your child theme.

    Do not modify anything in the parent Twenty Eleven theme. Only make changes in the child theme.

    Since I can’t reproduce your exact layout, I am not able to duplicate what you are seeing. I am sorry, but you will need to make further changes on your own. Or, if necessary, hire someone to do the work.

    You can post a job request on at no charge.



    Only thing I need to figure out is when I set a post to sticky a heading is present above each post ie “Sticky” or in Swedish “Utvalda”. Also the twenty eleven theme I would like to apply so if comment exist a bubble with number of comments is showned. I assume this part could be achived if I use Blog in Blog’s template but I havent been able to figure out how?

    Last questions: Your file you copied from index and called home.php is this file used with that name from the plugin Blog in Blog as I dont have any file with that name in Twenty Eleven theme directory. So if you can explain how this file is suposed to work in my new page I created with Blog in Blog shortcode.

    With hope we can clear above questions otherwise I will try the job links you provided!




    crate a static front page using a child theme and define in new template what you want on your front page and show other posts to your users. on other page



    Ok but if I use a static page then this page will be showned as first page I assume and I want the normal blog to be showned and the other should be only visible for members when they access to members area page. But if I use your suggestion how and where do I create my tpl file and how do I control post to only appears in that page?
    I’m a newbie of wp so I dont have so much knowledge to get this fix. So can you step by step explain what to do?




    The code in this pastebin should be what you want. Save it as home.php in your child theme.

    Have now tested the home.php and this file dont work at all as none of the sticky post comes to the top of the new members-page. So I dont think home.php is called at all.



    I have now checked which template new blog page is using, its using page.php and not home.php so how can I control that home.php is used and not page.php? Also I discovered that home.php just take away the sticky from first blog page so that part is correct.

    So if I get this correct I need a custom index.php that will drive both original blog and new blog page.

    I want the new blog have same design as the original and follow Twenty eleven. Any idea how this custom index should look like?


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