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  • To list our site on Alexa (directory), we have to add a certify code to all pages.
    It’s supposed to go in the body of every page. I have downloaded the Plugin All in One Webmaster but I can’t figure it out.
    It has a place to adding code to the header and footer but not to the body…

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  • That’s fine. You can add it to the header or the footer, Alexa will see it.

    Thank, and just to be sure: Alexa wanted their code in the header to “claim” our site, then in their instructions say to put it in the body for the certify process (which we pay $9.99 for a month).
    Is Alexa a good thing? Thought we’d do the certify (paid) route for a few months only. Your advice?

    You definitely don’t need to pay for Alexa since there really isn’t much value in their ranking.

    For instance, one of my sites consistently ranks 50k-75k and I’ve never paid Alexa a cent. Additionally, my advertisers never reference Alexa rank, rather they usually look at my PageRank.

    Alexa ranking is nice for bragging rights and it gives you one metric but it’s far from being the only thing you should be paying attention to.

    Thanks for the input about Alexa. I will keep our paid time with them short. Would like to be far enough along on this learning curve to even think about bragging rights(!)
    What else should we be paying attention to? Your best resources for learning?

    The Art & Science of Website Optimization

    Worry less about SEO and more about networking. Get known in your ‘community’ and get links that way. Everything will blossom.

    The “SEO activities” I care about the most is posting fresh, unique content on a regular basis. Even the most effective SEO tricks-of-the-trade will lose traction quickly without that.

    I put the certify code from Alexa into the header using the All-In-One Webmaster plugin and it came back I was only 87% certified, giving me a long list of sites that didn’t have it. It’s telling me I failed and won’t certify me.

    Short of going to each page and adding this stupid code, what can I do?

    List of … sites or list of pages?

    Edit it into your theme’s header.php directly if you must, or roll your eyes at Alexa and walk away. There’s a reason most of us ignore it.

    Alexa’s Premium product is imho a waste of money. I used the free version for my online bartender magazine just to claim my Alexa listing ( – paid certification is an entire different topic.

    I used the “upload file” solution, which worked a charm, but other than that I recon it’s a load of b*ll, to be frank 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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