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  • I am looking to find code/HowTo on centering my navigation (Pilcrow theme) on my blog.

    Secondly, my footer is oddly split into two areas (one and two) in my widget options. Is there a way to clean up the footer to have one large section? If that is not possible why is one area set to the left and the other set center. Again, to see this please see my blog and scroll to the bottom.

    Thank you so much to whomever can help!


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  • You’re fighting a losing battle trying to center a navigation menu, IMO.

    Unless you can guarantee that you’ll never change your menu, you cannot guarantee what width it will be. And if you don’t know what width it will be, you can’t set equal (or auto) left and right margins, which is how you center a block element.

    If someone knows better, I’d be glad to hear it.



    On the footer question…

    Yes, you can re-write the footer. You just need to alter footer.php if your theme follows the usual conventions.

    You should, however, bear in mind that the only recommended way of editing themes is via a Child Theme.



    Ian Stewart


    Theme Wrangler

    I used to tell people to not bother trying to center a dynamic menu with dropdowns. Then I read this post …

    Good luck!



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    Oh nice article! Duly bookmarked. Thanks, Ian.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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