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  • is the site in question. I’m trying to get all the content to align left and eliminate the horizontal scrollbar that is appearing.

    I’ve tinkered with a few setting, but nothing works. What do I need to change in the stylesheet?


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  • It looks fine in Firefox 3. What browser are you using?


    In your syle.css from your theme, I changed this:

    .container_16 {

    from 1000px to 900px and got rid of the horzontal scrollbar. 900px seems oddly small but your theme has big margins and padding.
    Get Firefox and then the Firefox addon Firebug. You can then click anywhere in your site and see what piece of the css influences that piece of your site and you can even make changes but not save them, so it is safe to practice.
    About aligning left of the content: what I see is left aligned so what exactly do you mean?

    OK, I’ll try to change.

    What I want to eliminate is the left margin padding. I’m using IE 7.0.

    Thanks for your help.

    I got it to look how i wanted with that change you suggested. Thanks a lot.

    One more question. The site still looks off in Firefox. Is there a setting I can adjust to make it look good there?

    Hi bluesfan, it looks identical in my Firefox 3.5.7 and my IE7.

    Maybe delete FF’s history. It’s cache is very persistent.

    OK. The Firefox complaint is coming from a friend, so I don’t see it myself; looks fine for me in IE7. I’ll suggest that to him.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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