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  • Okay I know this is a “no brainer” for most, but I can’t seem to get this form to center on the page, it is always “left” positioned. I changed the CSS to “center” but that didn’t do anything. How does one get this form to “center” on a page?
    Also, why is it “left” positioned as default anyways? Wouldn’t it make more sense to be “center” orientated? Any help will be appreciated…Obviously I’m not a code whiz! Thanks for assistance.

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  • Please include a link to your Contact Form 7 form and a copy of the CSS you have used to try to center your form.

    hi. my homepage is messy. when ı work on wordpress there is no problem but when i get html output and when i upload my server page get messy. please help. can you look

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    buzztone, m
    Many thanks for your reply & I’ll try to get this asap. I no sooner posted this and some other immediate issues came up that need quick attention. Getting this info wouldn’t be much for others but as I said i’m not a whiz at this so when my css “fix” didn’t work, I changed the code back so as not to cause any ongoing site issues. Now as soon as I can I’ll try to re-create what I did…Concerning tako61’s post, I’m pretty sure he and I are on the same level of wp experience, no harm 🙂 Thanks again for trying to help me out on this simple issue…Dave

    Buzztone, below is a link to my c7 form and the css code that I changed. Where it states


    I changed to “center” but making this change didn’t work to center the form?
    span.wpcf7-list-item {


    : 0.5em;
    .wpcf7-display-none {
    display: none;
    div.wpcf7 img.ajax-loader {
    border: none;
    vertical-align: middle;


    : 4px;

    Hi daveng64 – sorry to tell you that CSS you provided makes no sense at all for what you are trying to achieve. You need to through it out the window and forget it every existed.

    Also the link you provided is to your WordPress Admin/Backend which we can’t visit and don’t need to anyway.

    ​​We just need a link to where your CF7 form appears on your WordPress site/front-end where we can use Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools to examine the HTML and CSS of your CF7 form in detail.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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