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    how do you get the shortcode to work in the header? So far I only considered adding compositions to the header by using a php snippet.

    The property ‘left=auto’ get translated to a CSS style tag “margin: 0px auto;” for the stage div. Might be that this won’t work in your header due to other CSS styles. Can I take a look at the it somewhere?

    Would someone be so nice and tell me what I should insert –probably in the header.php file (I use the TwentyEleven Theme)– in order to have Edge Animation show within the page wrapper div, not above it. The problem right now, is that, being responsive and set to 100% width, it spreads all across the browser window. Thank you in advance!

    –And thank you, Timm, for this really cool plugin!–

    Plugin Author ti2m


    sorry, I’m not entirely sure what you want to do. You have seen the tutorial on EdgeDocks?

    Did you use the PHP snippet form the documentation? As this should be placed in the header.php within the page div I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Also TwetyEleven is not really responsive and has a fix width of 1000px. When you use the PHP snippet the composition will be placed inside the page div and will therefore have a max width of 1000 as well.

    Please give me some more details if that doesn’t answer your question.

    Cheers, Timm

    Thank you for your reply …and sorry for posting that question. I feel foolish! I had read your tutorial, but for some reason, got stuck on the first part of php snippet snapshot and on the (irrelevant) truncated line of code from the header.php file, therefore missing the important (and quite simple) two lines of code to add! I now see that they were in the “Usage” section as well. I apologize.

    Twenty Eleven was a backup plan, actually. I use the Headway Themes “framework”. Boy! was it much easier than I thought to implement. Thanks to your work, inserting a shortcode in a “Custom Code Block”, I can place any edge animate content, pretty much anywhere, on page templates. I’m amazed and impressed at the possibilities and flexibility — At least that’s how I see it for now -=)

    Do you think we will eventually be able to pass wp post fields ( post title, content, custom fields, etc) to Adobe Edge compositions, instead of static text fields?

    Anyways! I took enough of your time already. Thank you again for making things easier!

    Hi, Sorry I wasn’t home for the last days.
    Thank you for the fast reply.
    To get the shortcode to work in the header, I’ve created a “Text” widget in the “Header Widget Area”.

    You can have a look here

    It’s only a test page until I find the solution for the centering.
    Don’t laugh at my animation 😛
    It’s not the final version.

    Thank you

    Plugin Author ti2m


    @ WaterWave
    the artice div with id=”text-3″ has a width of 450px and the composition is placed in that div. When setting margin to auto the stage of 900px tries to center itself within the 450px div, which of course doesn’t work, so it stays as it is.

    If you want to center the composition then you need to set witdh to 100% for the article div. Hope that helps

    Plugin Author ti2m


    @ jeanPhilippeLapierre

    No big deal, am glad it works now and its great to hear that you like the plugin.

    What you describe with “passing the post title” already works for Drupal Edge Suite and is called “Data injection” (I just called it that). It’s on my roadmap for WP, but I need to sit down and come up with a plan how to best implement this in wordpress. But its great to hear that you would be interested in it, personally I’m loving the idea of data injection and I think it has great potential (therefore it needs proper planning).


    Thank you,
    I’ve looked at it and I don’t get it.
    I’m no CSS pro at all. I just don’t find the property that defines that div. If you mind giving me a tip, I’ll appreciate it a lot.
    I already am glad you helped me.

    Have a nice day


    Your plugin, is already very cool, but I think you’re right, with data injection well-implemented into it, it has a LOT of potential! Very exciting =)

    I would have one feature request/suggestion. I don’t know what you intend to do with OAM package updates, but as I told you, I plan to use Edge Animate compositions in various templates, and I can foresee a lot of headaches when the time will come to update files if I have to delete current ones and upload new ones, as their index value will change. A composition update option would be a really great feature… –sorry for possibly adding more work to your already quite lofty undertaking-=)

    I’ll be following your progress. Happy coding!


    Sorry for intruding on your thread, I kindda thought my problem was of a similar nature…


    Plugin Author ti2m


    WaterWave, try to add

    .art-header . widget_text {

    to one of your css file, that should do it (if you set left to auto in the shortcode). What theme are you using? Or did you put the widget into the header manually (means with code)?

    Plugin Author ti2m



    thanks for your suggestions, replacing the underlying oam is on the roadmap and I’ve already got it implemented in the Drupal version, which is always a step ahead as its a lot easier to develop straight ahead there. I spend (and still am) time on fixing uploading and OAM extraction bugs in wp. In that way its not a plus that wp runs on every crappy server. But I’ll try to catch up with wp, I’ll let you know.

    I just saw that “replace upload” was not on the roadmap, I’ve added it
    Always good to know what people want to see and what’s most important for the wp community.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    I’m closing this as there were no replies for more then two weeks and the issue seems to be solved.

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