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  • Why censor and erase posts that admins apparently don’t like? What’s up with that? Why not post guidelines?

    Explain that it is ‘moderated’ and that not all comments are posted, only the ones you choose?

    However I am blocked from posting is temporary and I can create a new identity and IP addresss. Why attempt to ban me?

    What a load of bollocks!

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  • Guidelines are posted.
    Your profile only shows 2 posts and I don’t see anything from you deleted in the admin.
    Possibly you went in the spam queue accidentally but I don’t see you there, either.

    No one is banned except spammers and bozos. Are you either of those?

    I agree, my post was closed, & I only figured that out just now, but was I told why it was closed?



    @ ep2002
    You should read the forum rules then. Your post was closed (twice) because you solicited work for money. You are allowed to do this, but the topic is then closed (per forum rules) so as to not start a … well, whole assortment of things from past experience.

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