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  • Hi,

    I’m using javascript affiliate code on my pages and the tracking for some reason isn’t being included. I’m trying to figure out what the problem is, as all of my scripts on all of my sites have suddenly been rendered useless. Thet were working previously, but the problems started about 2 weeks ago.

    Anyway, after doing some digging I can see that when I add the javascript code in text mode and then change back to visual that CDATA is added to the beginning and end. I’ve done a bit of a search and can see that this is apparently normal behaviour for WP.

    However, at the beginning of the script instead of adding

    // <![CDATA[

    it is instead adding;

    // < ! & # 091 ; CDATA & # 091; (I’ve added spaces to the code so that it displays)

    and the end of the script, it is adding;

    // & # 093 ; & # 093 ; > (I’ve added spaces to the code so that it displays)

    Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?

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