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    I have quite a combination of things going on:
    1. Elementor for layout
    2. Elementor Header footer & blocks – I’m using this to generate a repeatable layout which includes CCS shortcodes within elementor shortcode widgets

    For awhile, this was working. Suddenly, today, I started getting 500 Server errors when I would try to update the elementor page. Keep in mind that while elementor is a backend builder, it does try to render the shortcodes for a live preview as you go.

    The 500 errors were “PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870xxx bytes exhausted” so we know there’s some kind of recursion going on during the save process. If I deactivate CCS, save, then reactivate, everything is perfect.

    So rather than try to figure out EXACTLY what’s going on, I’d be satisfied if I could just switch off any rendering of CSS shortcodes while doing an admin-ajax update.

    Do you have any recommendation on how I can bypass CCS with an action or filter?

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    It was a recursion issue as I thought. The workaround was simple enough. Within the template, I just wrapped my [field xyz] codes with an [if not field=id value={template id}]...[/if]

    Apparently it was trying to include its content in itself which included its content in itself …

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    Incidentally, this is a REALLLLLLY powerful combo for Elementor. It frees us from being stuck with all the ‘post grid widget’ addons with a limited number of options for querying and for display. Now we can use Elementor to its fullest and output dynamic views of repeated posts! I am definitely writing an article about this. It’s BIG for elementor junkies.

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