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    It was a great eye-opener to see the functions and possibilities of the ccaps in S2. But a great desillusion to find out that if you attatch multiple ccaps to a page a member needs to have all of them in order to have access to that perticular page.

    I would like to have an AND / OR checkbox to that. Yes, I know I can use shortcodes to protect the content but in some cases I don’t want that.

    What I do want is to be able to sell individual courses or combinations of these AND a full-entrance membership.
    So all pages will need to have a perticular ccap AND a “platinum” ccap.

    And I don’t want to have to attatch a new ccap to the existing platinum members everytime a new type of course is released.

    Has someone al ready figured this out? Or is the team considering something like this as an option in the near future? I saw quite some people posting needing the same feature.


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  • Yes, we’re considering this. Thank you very much for your input. I’m adding your vote to this feature request. 🙂

    Please add me to the vote for this feature request. I use a blog on my membership site to communicate with different members based on both their membership level and also based on their ccaps. There are times when I want to communicate with a variety of members depending on what ccaps they may have but I don’t want to make 5 different blog posts to do it. And I don’t want a member who may happen to have 4 of the 5 ccaps to see 4 blog posts. A single post that checks for ccap1 or ccap2 or ccap 3 or ccap 4 or ccap 5 would be perfect. I use this to sell upgrades to products, memberships based on interests. An example: if they have ccap 1 or ccap 2 then they may be interested in purchasing the new ccap 6.

    I would also love to see this for pages and forums or forum topics as well. Thank you!

    Also in certain browsers, when you view source code, the shortcode conditionals and content hidden in them shows up. Hence why I do not use that feature.

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