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Cc header not working

  • Hey!

    I’m trying to send emails like this:

    wp_mail("example@domain.com", $subject, $message, "Cc: example1@domain.com, example2@domain.com");

    But Mandrill doesn’t send the email to the cc. I tried it with other SMTP plugins and it works fine… Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks a lot!


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  • From the plugin’s overview:

    Note that if you’re sending additional headers in your emails, the only valid headers are From:, Reply-To:, and X-*:. Bcc: is also valid, but Mandrill will send the blind carbon copy to only the first address, and the remaining will be silently discarted.

    I don’t see Cc listed there, and it says it ignores Bcc.

    You might also try the array approach:

    $headers[] = ‘Cc: John Q Codex <jqc@wordpress.org>’;
    $headers[] = ‘Cc: iluvwp@wordpress.org‘;

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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