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    Thanks for reaching out. Can you test to see if the mailgun service is somehow related? If you can temporarily disable that then run the process to get the customer download again. This should allow the site to use the wp_mail() function to send the email instead of mailgun. If this corrects things then I recommend contacting mailgun support directly and let them know what is occurring.

    If that does not correct things then I recommend performing a thorough Conflict Test to see if the site’s theme or one of the other active plugins is causing this behavior. Let us know if any of this helps and where things stand after your testing.

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    Thanks for responding.

    I’ll keep that in mind, but I highly doubt it’s a theme issue. I’m running custom child theme based on storefront (very minimal edits of basically color updates).

    Also, first thing I did was to look for any settings regarding that email link, but after not finding anything I disabled mailgun (which then stopped sending my orders via email). I dont actually have the email reports plugin purchased, so there’s that, but doesnt make sense it would email a link that doesnt go to anything.

    I’m thinking it has to do with some code that is persistent in the db or a DNS mis-configuration. To test the code theory I thought about it while I took a dump and grep’d the .sql file to find where this was appearing, but that really didnt help any.

    I wonder if I could just reinstall the whole site and import tables one by one to prove it’s a DB thing.

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    Hi @smolgiant

    Thanks for getting back to us and sharing your findings so far, as well as what you think maybe causing the issue.

    In this instance, I would second Phillip’s recommendation to test this with the service disabled in order to see how things are handled with wp_mail(). The conflict test is also a good recommendation even if you do it just to rule things out, while it might not be the theme it’s possible a plugin or extension could be encountering a conflict instead.

    If you opt to go for another route like reinstalling the whole site that’s totally okay, we just may not be able to offer much assistance with the process if needed.

    Please let us know what you find or if you have any additional concerns and we’ll be happy to help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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