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  • I switched briefly away from my cbox-theme-child to the default buddypress theme in order to test something. When I switched back, my header image was gone, and – worse – my LONG “Custom CSS” which I had entered in the CBOX theme options panel was GONE! (Well, it had strangely reverted from 891 lines to my much earlier 3. Hmph.)

    Two recovery strategies.

    1. I recovered by putting my browser into Offline mode, and – luckily – was able to recover the CSS from a cached page.
    2. I searched the database and found in the options table, option_name icext.9887611a.cbox-theme, containing the full CSS. I am not sure why, when I reselected the theme, an earlier version of my CSS, rather than this most recent one, loaded.

    I presume the rest of my theme settings are somewhere in the database (in records with non-descript names like, icext.29f718ab.cbox-theme-child, of which there are many), too; but it seems easier to just go through and re-enter it manually. 🙁

    Is my experience an abberation? Or is this what’s expected when switching away and then back to the theme?

    I like the elegance of storing such theme data in the database; however, I’m wary, ’cause now it’s scary.


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  • Plugin Contributor r-a-y


    Hi doclalor,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with your CBOX child theme.

    Can you let us know how you created the child theme?

    It might be better to post your report on the website as more people are there to respond to your comments.

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