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  • While migrating woocommerce (plugin) and wootique (theme) from one test-environment to another (server migration) we lost all pictures in the product descriptions. Category and product gallery is not affected.

    Link and media information is shown correctly post/page editor but is resulting in a ‘’ link in the storefront.

    We are not quite sure where the CSS disconnect is and who’s the culprit.

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  • Mike


    I’m assuming you did an XML export – when you did so did you export all post types or just products?

    several scenarios, same outcome:

    scenario 1 – same server machine, migrated to different domain
    SQL db stays in place
    complete WP-installation copied into new location (same server, different directory, but exact same structure within the directories), i.e. old directory ‘/public-html/beta1/’ to new directory ‘/public-html/final/’
    wp-config.php untouched
    SQL db ‘searched-and-replaced’ with new URL

    scenario 2 – different server, migrated to a different domain
    different SQL db
    complete export (old URL) – import of SQL (new URL)
    complete transfer of all content into new location with exact same directory-structure

    both cases are producing the same error:
    product galleries and pictures of product categories are visible and displayed correctly in the storefront.
    Pictures of product descriptions are integer by editing (but a no-show in editor), i.e. ‘/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/yadayada.jpg’. They also resolve into an universe link ‘’ when the storefront-page is been parsed.



    Ok, and the images that are braking – featured post images? Images inserted into the content? Other images attached to products?

    What your describing is strange – images are handled by products in the EXACTLY the same way images are handled by posts. It would be useful for you to add images to a few posts (in the same way) and do your export – if the behaviour is the same then you’ll know its a problem with the method your using to migrate and not a problem with your plugins or theme.

    Whole setup is a test installation. Before we consider a plugin/theme it has to go through a couple of migration cycles (and other stressful tests) without causing too much trouble.

    The ONLY installed theme is Wootique 1.0.5 and the ONLY installed plugin is WooCommerce 1.1.3.

    The ways the SQL db and the structure are migrated are pretty standard (see above post).

    The migrated theme/plugin is now parsing the ‘right’ php-file with the ‘right’ picture links (full URL), but only ‘visualizes’ the product gallery, still not the pictures in the product description section.

    In a quick assessment of the issue we are focusing in on following areas:

    – CHMOD (changing to 755) – no result
    – permalink – a possibility, but changing to ‘pretty’ creates a 404 error in regular posts
    – CSS – not tested yet

    We are not in a rush to solve this problem. We just want to raise awareness to people who are developing offsite and consider migrating this combo.
    It is a ‘free’ plugin so we try giving back by letting you participate in our findings. “;->

    UDATE and SOLUTION for WooCommerce migration:

    Migrating a WP blog with an installed WooCommerce pluging:

    Migrate the blog in a ‘classic’ way first: Export SQL, import SQL, change URL, …

    Now the important steps IN ORDER:
    Leave your OLD location alive, DO NOT DELETE any files, folders or CHANGE anything!
    Start up your new location, log-in and browse your BLOG FIRST (leave your shop alone!!). Check on content and pictures, make sure PAGE(S) and POST(S).
    If the BLOG part turns out to be ok, THEN go into your shop. START with your item CATEGORIES! Probably they will point to your OLD post/location.
    Keep browsing your shop – check product galleries and product description. The product description are ‘BLOGS’ and should work fine.

    NOW – get a plugin like ‘Search and Replace’, install it and replace all “http://old.location” with “http://new.location” in your SQL database. IMPORTANT: Make sure you use “http://” in front of BOTH URLs!!

    Test your shop again. All item-categories should now point towards your new location.

    When all goes well, back-up your new database and fine-tune your new location (emails, user notifications, …)

    Hope that helps

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