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    If Image Source Control is active wpDirAuth is not working, it is showing this Error:
    Error Note of wpDirAuth Version 1.7.6

    wpDirAuth is now running in safe mode as to not impair the other plugin’s operations.’

    The wp_authenticate and wp_setcookie WordPress pluggable functions have already been redefined, and wpDirAuth cannot provide directory authentication without having access to these functions.

    Please disable any WP plugins that deal with authentication in order to use wpDirAuth. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with more info as to which plugin is in conflict.

    wpDirAuth 1.7.6

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  • Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    thanks for reporting this error
    never heard of wpDirAuth before. The plugin wasn’t updated for a year and is not very popular, so, to be honest, I am not sure if this is worth digging into or just a bit too specific. ISC doesn’t use wp_authenticate and wp_setcookie so I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

    Maybe you can ask their support to give advise on how to fix it or just a concrete hint on where to start.


    FYI, same issue occurred with the latest version of WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS and wpDirAuth

    The use of pluggable.php is what’s doing it, but I can’t say if it’s a problem with wpDirAuth or the other plugins.

    This is where the conflict is coming from with WordPress Twitter Boostrap CSS:

    // Handle any upgrades as necessary (only go near this if it's the admin area)
    		if ( is_admin() ) {
    			require_once( ABSPATH . 'wp-includes/pluggable.php' );
    			if ( current_user_can( 'manage_options' ) ) {
    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    Thanks Josh! Will have a look into that

    Correct, the issue is caused because the plugins (Image Source Control and Twitter Boostrap CSS) are including pluggable.php before wpDirAuth is loaded, there by defining wp_authenticate and wp_setcookie before wpDirAuth has the ability to. The functions in pluggable.php are specifically written to have the ability to be overridden by plugins. A plugin that loads this file hijacks the ability for any other plugins to override any of these functions.

    The situation isn’t unique to wpDirAuth: any plugin that needs to overwrite any of the functions in pluggable.php that load after one of these plugins (e.g. ISC) will not be compatible. The situation is just worse for wpDirAuth because plugins are loaded alphabetically and ‘w’ is at the end of the list.

    I’m working on a method that will reduce some of the reliance on overwriting wp_authenticate (even though the wordpress plugin structure was written specifically for authors to over ride the functions in pluggable.php), but these other methods are introducing other conflicts. I guess the other option is to do plugin-loading hacks to make sure wpDirAuth is loaded first, or maybe rename it to aWpDirAuth so it’s higher in the alphabet. o_O

    @webzunft, wpdirauth is a niche plugin that allows wordpress to authenticate its users against LDAP/AD instead of local user accounts. It was actually updated last November so not quite a year. Also, considering it is a niche plugin, it is actually quite popular with over 14K downloads. 😉

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    thank you, gilzow
    I am going to have a second look on the issue.

    Plugin Author Thomas Maier


    @wpdirauth-users please check with the newest version (1.3.4) if we really managed to fix it now

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