• This plugin has destoyed my Google Search Ranking, as well as our Services we offer, by causing an error to create a Sitemap, stoping crawling efforts on both bing and google. We have losted over 100K… I did not know until I wanted to update my sitemaps and it gave me an issue. I recommend fixing this issue or creating a FAQ for this very issue, if you have a solution for it. I will give this plugin a 1 star and not worth your time or your money lost.

    I had to go through each plugin and turn them off and try to create a sitemap, one by one, as I got to IQ Block Country Plugin, and tried. It started to create me a Sitemap.

    If any of you are having a problem with Sitemap issues or your website has dropped down in the Search, try creating a updated sitemap and if it gives you an error. Deactivate this Plug and try again.

    Will be removing from my website, after I do a few more tests…

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  • Plugin Author Pascal


    You could just add the services of Google and Bing (and other search engines if needed) for instance as you probably have blocked the USA.

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