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  • This Theme will cause an Error strpos(): Empty delimiter in class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php because of empty guid fields being inserted into the posts database table for attachments. These records are created when you upload a new logo or page header graphic (perhaps other images which are uploaded through the Pagelines Theme interface).

    The End Result is that MS Live Writer and other authoring software, mysteriously stops working and because the XML output becomes mangled due to an error being thrown.

    This is the code it breaks because it writes an empty guid field.

    $attachments = $wpdb->get_results( "SELECT ID, guid FROM {$wpdb->posts} WHERE post_parent = '0' AND post_type = 'attachment'" );
    if ( is_array( $attachments ) ) {
    foreach ( $attachments as $file ) {
    if ( strpos( $post_content, $file->guid ) !== false )
    $wpdb->update($wpdb->posts, array('post_parent' => $post_ID), array('ID' => $file->ID) );

    Personally, I’m rather stunned that a theme could render such a functionality useless. To the point that even removing the theme itself does not correct the issue.

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  • I use PageLines Framework and MS Live Writer and I have no problem using the two together. I’m using the latest version of both WordPress and PageLines and I receive no such error.

    Have you tried doing the infamous disable all active plugins and trying again ?

    We looked at MS Writer several times last year when people reported header already sent and it turned out to be a plugin inserting the headers and the case was closed.

    Only this morning was I forwarded an email about this guid error, and posted a fix to git within the hour.

    The .org version will be updated with the same fix.

    Anyway thank you for taking time to email us with the problem.

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    I had disabled all the plug-in’s first before finally digging down into the source code and the posts database table. These were images I had uploaded via the theme interface, and were inserted as attachment type in the posts table. The guid fields were empty on all three images. This was using the latest copy of Pagelines downloaded from here not even a week ago and the lastest WordPress.

    Yes and a fix has been submitted.

    Thank you for taking time to email us with the problem.

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