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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Yay… IE!
    Can you please remove the plugin, then download and install version 2.2.10d direct from the plugin oven and see if this fixes the issue in IE. If not, please try out other styles and see if there is one that does not flash in IE.

    Please inform us of your results.

    Tried your suggestion and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Thanks for the thought, though. I’ll try the other styles and see if that makes a difference. Thanks!

    I have tried other styles and I’m still having the issue of the content below the countdown jumping with each tick of the second. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

    While I’m thinking about it, the countdown doesn’t technically display correctly at all in IE. The labels (“Weeks,” Hours” etc.) are offset from where they are supposed to be when viewed in Explorer.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Ah! Which version of Internet Explorer are you using, exactly?

    Version 9.

    Any updates on getting this fixed? It would be MUCH appreciated! I love your countdowns, but I can’t use them if they don’t work correctly across the board.

    Plugin Author Baden


    This should be an easy css fix. try giving your .countdowntimer-2-widget class a fixed height of, say 150px. This should lock down the height of the countdown container and play nice with the content below it.

    If you would like us to go in and solve it for you, please check out our reasonable premium support package at:

    Let us know if you get it fixed!

    Thanks for your help. I’m more than happy to do it myself, but I do appreciate your expertise.

    Where exactly do I locate this .countdowntimer-2-widget class? I looked in the darth (that’s the skin I’m using) CSS file, and then I searched the whole plugin, and couldn’t locate anything with that class name.


    Plugin Author Baden


    This class is not defined anywhere, you will need to create it. Simply add the following to your theme’s css:

       height: 150px;

    Welp, that didn’t work. Any other ideas?

    Plugin Author Baden


    Although you successfully inserted the css, it is not being applied to the element.

    Do you have access to a friend or colleague is knowledgeable in CSS? At the very least, someone that can use basic web development tools to inspect an element and verify that a css class is being applied?

    Hi Baden

    Ok I have added the class (you provided) to the theme’s css with DW and as you predicted it didn’t make a change in IE so I sent to my client the details for inspecting an element in IE.

    He sent it back a screen grab – and I can see the line height is 20px

    Does this mean it isn’t being applied to the element?

    If so what are the step I take to apply.

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