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  • pa3bar


    This Events Manager plug in causes a conflicts with the Participant Database plugin on WordPress web sites. The Event Manager developper is not interrested to solve the issue caused by Event Manager. So be very carefull when installing the Event Manager plugin. Back up any other database first in case EM will disturb your data.

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  • Patrick Buntsma


    First of all, you blame Events Manager for your error. But you are actually using a third party plugin to check data of this plugin.

    Combining several plugins for one purpose (events management in this case) may always lead to unforeseen conflicts. You are trying to re-double check event reservations, while the Events Manager already does that with a “simple” field requirement, prohibiting users from not fully completing a registration.
    So, first of all; your double check with PD is completely unnecessary…

    I have been an extremely happy EM-user for over 6 years now myself and I found that it is highly compatible with a lot (if not most) of plugins out there, but that plugins with (sort of) the same functions will almost ALWAYS interrupt each other. (WP Easy Events and EM do not go together either as do MultiSite Language Switcher and WPML, for example). They often target the same data and use the same variables, because their functions are a like and it’s only logcial to name your variable $event or $booking, for example.

    If you gave Events Manager even half a chance to really see how it works you might have come to the conclusion that you do not need PD at all with this. Actually speeding up your website by using fewer plugins.

    Plugin Author Marcus



    I’ve replied to your thread which caused you frustration:

    I would add that you’re mistaken in thinking we’re not interested in solving issues with other plugins, we do our best to create well-written code that intrudes as little as possible with other plugins.

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to prevent other plugins from conflicting with us, and (rarely) even we’re the ones at fault!

    Sometimes, it’s simply because both plugins are trying to do the same thing, and one overrides the other or things just “don’t work”, on the other end of the spectrum it’s due to bugs in code.

    However we cannot fix issues in other plugins causing a conflict with our plugin, only things we do wrong that conflict with other plugins. Figuring that out can sometimes be lengthy and whilst we’re happy to try, each case is specific and some patience is required as maybe both parties need to get involved. In this case, I think our support staff could have gone a little further to try and establish that fact and I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Just for completeness: your initial support response to me was that you have a policy not to treat issues with other plugins. Allthough the dev team of the other plugin was quite willing to help check with you where the issue comes from. Mr Buntsma here seems to know exactly what we are doing. Except he is way off. He makes quite strange assumptions that we are doubling functions. Event manager cannot do, nor did we want it to do, what we are actually having the PD plugin for. We wanted to use a simple funcion of EM, i.e. the calender. But since the 2 plugins cannot work together on 1 wordpress site, we have deleted it and found another plugin that we actually can use without conflicts with other plugins. Issue perhaps not solved, but this workaround is ok for us. Mr Buntsma can continue to like EM, we are using something else. Everyone is happy. Topic closed.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    That’s fine, but adding to that… Patrick is not part of our support staff, he is a user of the plugin and we cannot stop other’s opinions…

    That said, whilst his comments may be a little enthusiastic about our plugin 😉 I would say they were made with good intentions and he does have a point about the conflict probably not being our fault, and at the very least a mix of the two.

    Glad you found a solution either way. Whatever plugin you went with probably does things differently and by coincidence doesn’t result in a conflict.

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