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  • The original version of this plugin caused a White Screen of Death and another slight weirdness.

    However, the author responded very quickly to my report of a problem, and produced an update which has given me no problems at all.

    So far, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It mimics the style of the main website, and looks very neat.

    And I’ve tried to change this rating to five stars; strangely, it has in reflected the average star rating, but hasn’t updated the star rating for this review.

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  • Plugin Author cmeeren


    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry to hear about your experience. I will probably be able to fix it if you can give me some kind of error logs from your web host.

    Also, do you have PHP 5.4 or later? As mentioned on the Plugin page, it is required in order to run the plugin (though it should never cause a white screen of death if you lack PHP 5.4; it should just notify you via the admin panel and refuse to activate the plugin).

    Hi Cmeeren,

    I’m running PHP 5.6.

    Error logs – that counts as a difficult technical question. Since I can’t find anything marked “These are the error logs you are looking for”, I admit defeat. My web host has PHP error messages disabled by default, which I had not changed. I have now enabled it, but presumably that’s not helpful after the fact.


    Plugin Author cmeeren


    If you have enabled error messages, it would be incredibly helpful if you could install the plugin again, and tell me what the not-so-white screen of death says, both public and admin. I realize I’m asking you to screw up your website again, but if you are ready to delete the plugin folder (like you did last time to fix things) it would not be a very long interruption of your website, and it would help me fix this error.

    Alternatively you can ask your hosting provider for the logs, or the location of the logs, and simply send me those. 🙂 (The location and names vary quite a bit, and not everyone keeps logs at all).

    Please send me the errors at, email might be a bit more practical than here (though if you prefer this over email that’s fine).

    I hope this is not too much trouble. I really want to fix errors, especially severe ones such as this. White screen of death is no fun for anyone involved – not the plugin developer, and least of all the website owner.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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