• i do appreciate the effort to build this plugin, however it caused some problems with google indexing on a multisite install.

    the biggest problem being all of a sudden many many server errors in the crawl errors section. google was geting server errors on all urls.
    when i tried the fetch as google option in gwt it returned “server unreachable” even though all urls were accessible in browser.
    as soon as i deactivated this plugin fetch as google returned “Success”.
    also shows sitemap errors under the sitemap section, 404 not found errors, even thought the sitemap urls were valid. apparently this has something to with caching, and the errors are supposed to disappear after a short time. mine didn’t after a couple of days.

    this is an ambitious plugin with many options and in theory is just what the doc ordered for a multisite install, but the problems it caused with google webmaster tools are unacceptable. google must be kept happy at all times:) and on an established site those server crawl errors could quickly cost you your place in search results.
    switched to simple multisite sitemaps.

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  • Plugin Author Khang Minh


    Hi there, it’s a pity that the plugin did not meet your expectation.

    This plugin has been used on many multi-site installations and it does work well. The issues you’re facing seems to be caused by something else because BWP GXS should not affect any existing urls.

    I can help you figuring out what’s wrong if you want, but I would need more info such as the error messages reported by Google. In fact, this is a rare case that I really want to solve because it might help other users as well. It’s up to you though.

    hi, it did work well for me on a single install. when i installed multisite i didn’t change any defaults and didnt know for a few days about the “server unreachable” error or the crawl errors. i cleared the crawl errors but i believe they were 503’s.
    i would guess this was a problem with the robots txt(s) but i don’t have the leeway to troubleshoot needed a soluition right away, also i dont understand the 404 errors under sitemap error in google web tools. the threads all say this is normal but it is disconcerting. google is very easy to alienate.
    anyway i’d like to help but all the info i have is in the first post. good luck and thanks for your efforts.

    Plugin Author Khang Minh


    Do you have a lot of posts on your site? Also are you using sub-domain multisite (with mapped domain) or sub-directory multisite?

    Btw, thanks for replying.

    Hi, no there are under a hundred posts on a multisite with 5 sites using subdomain (no mapping).

    Well, being a SEO by profession I would say the problem is not necessarily with the plugin but with you that you didn’t check the output before submitting the sitemap?

    As many thing out of there, it’s easy don’t take responsibility for things we do.

    Thanks moroandrea, but i did validate the sitemap and checked the output. the sitemap errors didn’t appear until several days later, and were only part of the problem, and a common lament with older versions of this plugin.
    the real problem, as i explained above, was a slew of 503 crawl errors, after a week or so. This was caused by the robots text generated by this plugin on a multisite install on an older version that im sure has been corrected.
    as a SEO professional you should work on your reading comprehension and refrain from sanctimonious moralizing.

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