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  • Hello everybody,
    check out my sms jokes wordpress blogs
    almost every page and post is indexed on google except category pages…:(

    i want to know the reason why google is not indexing my category pages
    is there any problem in my robot file or in my meta portion…??

    please help me please

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  • no reply…??

    Well, I’d say that you’re posting the entire poem/joke on the home page, the category page and the permanent page. Google doesn’t like to list duplicate pages from the same site.

    Given that most of your pages have a *lot* of Adsense for such small content, and that the rest of the layout (navbars, etc.) are of course on every page, I’d guess that Google sees these as duplicate pages.

    but i dont think so, i saw many sms jokes websites just like mine and categories of those sites are indexed by google

    Okay (although Google itself gives that kind of advice about avoiding “duplicate content”).

    How long has your site been live?

    about 3 months…!

    So, your site is fairly new. If the other “sms jokes websites” are not, then there’s your answer. You’d need to do some investigatory work to determine why the category pages of those sites are indexed while yours are not … or you could just make your site better than your competitors’ sites. 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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