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  • I’m designing a blog for two people to post entires on. I’m not exactly a coding expert, and the other person to be using the blog is a total technophobe.

    What I’m hoping to do is have a system where, depending on which person is posting, different background colors/images are used. So, for instance, every entry posted by me would have a blue background, while all other entries would have a green background.

    This seems like it should be a very simple thing to do. I would prefer not to have to enter any kind of code into the actual “writing an entry” text box, because that’s all to easy for me (let alone the technophobe) to mess up once in a while.

    So…when I log in I want all my entries to AUTOMATICALLY appear with one colored background, and all of my partners entries to automatically appear with a different background when she is logged in.

    As I mentioned, I’m not coding expert but I can make sense of HTML and CSS and editing config files.

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  • You know, I don’t know how to do that, but I hope someone out there does, because I like the idea.

    I’ve spent all day trying to figure it out. I can’t even change the backgound color of a single entry – which would be a good start! It seems to me that you should simply be able to enter something like “<bgcolor=”#000000”> into the text box when composing an entry but that simple solution doesn’t seem to work.

    I have figured out how to change the background of the font itself. I have even figured out how to edit my own quicktags. I just can’t seem to make the color of an entry background change.

    I know I’ll feel ridiculously stupid when someone finally tells me what I should do.

    I think you might want to set up separate classes in the css for your theme. Depending on the theme, your entry area may be called “post” or “entry” or something else perhaps. Using Firefox with the aardvark extension, you can see exactly what you need to look for in the css.

    Once you know what you need to look for in the css, you can make two identical css declarations for it, one with background-color:blue; and one with background-color:green; but with separate .class titles. Then when you post, you insert the correct .class. You might even be able at that point to set up quicktags, especially if your “technophobe” author may have a problem with html/css in the post area.

    Thank you! After a lot of searching throught this forum I have found a couple of messages with similar posts to my own, and this is slowly coming together for me. My biggest hurdle is my intermitent return visits to projects such as this. Stuff that I previously knew how to get my head around, seems overwhelming to me now.

    I think the quicktag option will work, but it seems that I should be able to set up something automatic based on the login name of the person adding an entry.

    Just another thank you to vkaryl.
    The aardvark extension is an incredibly useful tool.
    I recommend that anyone editing themes and altering css uses it. I don’t have a great deal of time to work on my blog – this tool has saved me an awful lot of that time.

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