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  • The below is a rant related to a theme I was trying to get work, but really in trying to figure out how WordPress itself worked. It’s not even as intuitive as it should be.

    Now here’s the rant that explains the problem, that the Developers need to change.

    Boy, crazy stuff…. I was trying to figure things out “intuitively”, creating Category’s, child/parent categories etc. While it all actually worked, turns out if I want to use a “Template” for a Category, I can’t, Pages have to be used, hence the non-intuitive instructions in your documentation on creating a page, making it parent, creating other pages, making them children, all through the custom fields you’ve created, using ID’s etc.

    Really the Category section should have the same post/page editing ability as Pages and Posts do, and also be able to “select Templates”, and then the Pages should have the ability to select a Category to be child under if wanted.

    My gosh, so intuitive and simple. Turns out though, one can only use a Template on Pages. Although in theory I could change the default Category Template, but that’s getting into the code. But, then you still have the issue of the pages not allowing you to select a Category, nor Posts to be able to select a page.

    So, it all comes down to the reality that I can’t set up the site like I was thinking it should be set up, and must follow your instructions related to creating a Portfolio. If I didn’t have to use a Template for my folio, and just used the blog settings, it would have been easy creating child pages, assigning posts to the Categories we wanted etc. But instead, WordPress are morons, and haven’t discovered this, and so in order to do things like a Portfolia, we have to enter post ID#’s manually, etc. What a pain. Especially, if I have other people creating content, I will have to train them on how to do the ID stuff, instead of just being able to select Category’s and Pages to post it to. Man, terrible I have to think about this so much….. 🙁

    Anyway, just ranting. Someone should create a Plugin that has all the same functions as in a Post & Page and add it to the Category section and for the Category’s to show up in the Page section, so you could Child pages if you wanted also.

    I’m pretty dumb in this technical babal, but this is just common sense to me.

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  • Here’s more…. Maybe someone here could answer?

    BTW, I’m using this theme, so this is what the discussion is about. And my website is here, so you can see what I’ve done Click the sameple page link, to see more.

    Okay, so after my rant above a related question….
    When I was setting it up like I was, it was able to “auto” fill my Portfolio (i.e. Media files) into the Homepage. Easy thing, just when making a post, select that Category and Category’s you wanted that post to fall under, and that was it. Thus, it was all automated.

    But now, per the instructions, if I want my media to be listed in the Portfolio (Media Page) I or the person posting content has to “manually” go into the Page section, select my “Cat1” page and post the ID# of EVERY SINGLE POST that we want to show in the Portfolio (Media Page)???? In other words, we would have to do this for every single post we made.

    I was wanting all my posts that had media in them, to show up in a media page, and in the Homepage, without too much complexity.

    This is ridiculous…… Is there any way to get around this? I mean, I had gotten around it, but I would like my media files to show up in a nice pretty 3 Column Template page, not as a normal blog listing.
    Any thoughts?

    You’re getting confused between what WordPress does and what your theme does.

    The Portfolio page is a theme feature. If you have any requests or complaints about that, contact the theme authors.

    You can use category templates without using pages.

    No, no confusion. I’m complaining about the way WordPress should work, which would yes as a result make what I’m trying to do with a particular theme actually work.

    Yes, I saw the page on Category_Templates, but that’s only part of the issue. Though, I will look into it more to see if that might be a work around solution, but really, I don’t have the time to become a coder.

    It facinates me how one of the purposes of something like WordPress is stupposed to make things easier, well it really doesn’t unless you pay someone to do all the work for you.

    Anyway, just saying that the Category section should work the same as the Page and Post sections, then it’s easy to create child relationships, designate ID’s etc.

    I’m a layman looking into this. as to what it should be doing.

    UPDATE: Turns out the instructions were wrong/not clear and actually in fact what happens is simply the Category ID (not in fact every post ID) is placed in the field, thus causing the Page to “act” like it’s a Category or similar.

    Anyway, false alarm…. However, I would still recommend to make things even simpler so finding an ID doesn’t have to be done, that the changes I’ve mentioned still be done, to make it work more intuitively.

    Anyway, the below is my commentary….

    Thanks guys….


    CRAP …..! haa haa

    Sorry about all that ranting. I just installed your script to another site and this time I just let it install, and time out, and then I saw that basically most of your content WAS in fact there, so I looked over how things was set up, and I made a mistake.

    From your instructions in the documentation, it made it seem like that when we created the portfolio page for the columns, and then we created posts, that we had to go back to that page, and add every posts category ID to the column page.

    But, looking at your code, that’s clear not the case, you are just ID’ing the Portfolio category. You might want to clear up your instructions a little, I was FREAKING ! haa haa

    Turns out it works exactly like I was thinking it should, save using the Category ID to refer (transmute) the page as if it’s a category page. Makes sense now….

    Anyway, ignore my rambling about this issue…

    Really the Category section should have the same post/page editing ability as Pages and Posts do, and also be able to “select Templates”, and then the Pages should have the ability to select a Category to be child under if wanted.

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish here. Why should categories need the content editor? Categories are not meant to be posts/pages. However, it’s very easy to create hierarchical categories and assign them to posts.

    WordPress does make things easier if you’re using it for what it’s meant for. If you find it unsuitable or too hard, perhaps you should try a different tool which better suits your needs.

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