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  • I’m getting really frustrated with the way wordpress handles category and post ID’s. It’s wreaking havok on my blog.

    Alright, perhaps not havok, but it seems like something that could, and should, be fixed in the next bugfix/update.

    It seems like every post/page/category is assigned an ID… or rather they are assigned a term ID. They all share the same system.

    The problem comes when something is deleted. It shows an ID as one number when it really isn’t that number. Not only that but it starts to create very strange behavior from the loop, such as duplicate and missing posts.

    If I wasn’t afraid that it would destroy my blog, I would go into the database and manually reassign every single ID!

    Is there perhaps a plugin that allows a user to perform such an operation reliably?

    I love wordpress to death but this latest version is driving me bonkers.

    To see at least a sample of what I’m talking about, visit

    Down below the news announcement, there are several different posts. The post of Ad Tactics keeps getting duplicated… or rather, shown in place of other posts for no good reason.

    It’s not the theme either, changing it to the default will result in the same issue.

    I know I can’t be the only one to run into this issue. Does anyone has a suggestion for a fix?

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  • Seemingly, you are the only one…
    Are you having multiple Loops on your index?
    Paste your index.php to and post back the url.

    Is there a reason you are recovering this topic in a new post here?

    As Otto points out in that thread, categories and posts/pages do not share IDs, not even “term IDs.” It’s possible for a category and a post (or Page) to share the same numeric value for their ID, but as they reside in different tables this would not cause problems unless one is doing something abnormal with the way they are queried.

    This is a somewhat related topic. I managed to solve the issues with the last bug by using various category pages.

    This one seems to be effecting post ID.

    I know everything shares the same ID structure because I can open up the MSQL database and see it all laid out there for me. It lists every category, post, and page with it’s own ID. Since there there is no repeated ID in this database, I know they’re sharing it all.

    I am not making multiple calls to the loop. In fact, I can change the theme back to the default and I get the same issue. That dang Ad Tactics post is acting like it’s sticky. For some reason it is replacing the latest post no matter how many posts I make.

    To be honest, I only think it has something to do with the ID’s. Obviously something strange is going on that is causing this one post to be called repeatedly in place of the latest.

    Since you asked for it:
    The source code for the index page.

    I am starting to think this has something to do with the AWSOM new announcement plugin.

    The ID issue is still wacky though.

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