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  • Hey, there.

    I have category descriptions for all my 15 or so categories. I created a single category template file and made it so that when you clicked on the category archive link, it showed the category title and with the category description just below it.

    I’ve had it working like this for several months, but right after I upgraded to 2.0 I discovered it doesn’t work the same any more. Maybe it was the upgrade, maybe not, but now the only description that ever shows up—no matter what category archive I’m in—is the default category description. The category titles change, but not the description.

    The only other things I’ve done are upload some new plugins, which I immediately deactivated when I discovered the problem, but the problem continues whether they are activated or not.

    I’m hoping somebody could point out something I’m overlooking so I can get it working again. It’s probably something I did, and not the upgrade!


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