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  • Hi – I searched around to see if someone had asked this before, with no luck, so hopefully this isn’t a waste of time and space … Anyway, my question/problem is with the category-visibility plug-in, which I have been trying to use; however, I keep running into bugs. The good news is that I think I know what the problem is, (BIG disclaimer here that I may be very very wrong indeed) – BUT, I’ve no idea how to fix it – and I was hoping one the many gifted PHP sages might help me out.
    Anyway, the problem, I think, is happening because the category-visibility plugin doesn’t add the pre-defined table prefix that can be set during the installation process … it instead just creates the table “category visibility,” with no wp_ or whatever it is set for. That is all good and fine, unless you are using multiple installs in one database, like I am – and I think that is where I am getting the problems. SO – if it isn’t obvious by now – I was wondering what would I need to add to the code to make it find that prefix, then insert it in front of the table name when it creates it? …. also, would I use the same code further in the code, for each call to the table? I can always fixs that part manually, if I have to, but I was guessing that there is probably just a little snippet of code I could use instead ….

    ….On a similar note, should this be a suggestion worthy of sending to the plug-in contest bunch? Perhaps suggesting that ontop of the “guidelines,” if the plugin needs to create a table, that it keep in mind multiple installs in one db, and make sure to query the table prefix if the table will contain data that will “bug-up” multiple installs in one database? Just curious…

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  • You’ll need to find edit the plugin script to fix this.

    Add this after the comment at the top:

    $wpdb->category_visibility = $table_prefix . ‘category visibility’;

    Is there really a space in the table name? That’s considered a very bad practice.

    Anyway, now go through the code and replace each reference to the table name with ‘$wpdb->category_visibility’.

    This is for 1.5. I don’t know how to fix other versions.

    Well, I don’t think there is a space in the table name – just very bad typing on my part … Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! …. you have saved me so much time, coffee, and clueless stares into a PHP manual and the WP code …

    I left out something. You’ll probably need to add this to each function in the plugin that references $wpdb:

    global $wpdb;

    Ok – thanks – I am about to try it now on a fresh install and see if it works – if it does, should I make it available somewhere? – surely I am not the only hapless individual way over his head who had this problem …

    Works like a charm! Many many thanks again! I’m just going to send this fix to the plug-in author and let him add it to the next version if he wants … anyway, thanks!

    Oh – and just in case anyone stumbles across this forum with a similar problem, the “global $wpdb; ” was already in the code after each function, fortunately – so I didn’t have to change that …

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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