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  • I was running version 2.2.x of WP before upgrading today. I (like a dummy) forgot to backup my database, (got the folder/files) but not the DB. After upgrading I found that all my private data was now exposed to the world, since I was using Category visibility (the plugin) to hide my protected posts/categories. I had to impliment an emergency strategy with the only plugin I could find that actually worked with 2.3 which is Post Levels. I had to edit over 100 posts to set them to protected (after enabling maintenance mode). This was a major pain!!! I don’t see any plans to port the Category Visibility plugin to support 2.3. But I desperately hope someone does or writes a new plugin to support the same type of security. I don’t want to have to set options on each post, or do any per post configuration, being able to secure whole categories was wonderful. I tried other plugins that were supposed to do the same thing, but none worked with 2.3. So if anyone has any suggestions for plugins that work the same way as Category Visibility, I’d love to check them out. It would also be nice to see WP integrate this same type of security into its core code, so plugins for security of this type would not be needed.


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  • I am using members-only categories, too. Hence I cannot upgrade to WordPress 2.3.

    Maybe Coppit’s very recent Category Access plugin will get ported. If not, I’ll probably be using 2.2.x in 2008.

    I need a plugin that can make whole categories of messages “private” by default, and then assign category read permissions to specific roles. If the plugin then breaks or support for it is lost, the messages would still remain private and secured.

    Eventhough the taxonomy system allows all kinds of interesting things, I would really need to do this to the plain old categories. Obviously, RSS/Atom feeds need to be resricted too.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the time required to (learn how to) write such a plugin.

    I was using Copitt’s plugin before 2.2.X, but ran into some issues and thought that category visibility was a better plugin, but since neither work in 2.3, I’m stuck using post levels and marking the posts as private. WHile this does accomplish what I need, its cumbersome, slow and requires posting from the WP amin interface. I like to use third party software to post to my blog, so I can’t do that anymore either for private posts.

    The development of Category Visibility seem to have been dropped 🙁

    So my hope lies in “Category access”, “Disclose secret”, and “Subscribers only”.

    The restriction plugins can conveniently be found at:

    Are there any other viewing restriction plugins besides these? None of them is perfect. Subscribers only displays excerpts to all, for example. Disclose secret has NO category based restricting…

    This is a bummer. There doesn’t seem to be any compatibility index for the list on, and I’ve gone through the relevant possibilities to rule them out.

    Disclose Secret wants 2.1.

    Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress last tested on 2.0.

    Subscribers Only “designed for WordPress 2.0 and above”, looks hopeful, but “offline while being updated” since March 2006?

    WP Members lacking admin functions? last release May 07

    I had to impliment an emergency strategy with the only plugin I could find that actually worked with 2.3 which is Post Levels.

    I had just the opposite happen. I was using Post Levels in tandem with Role Manager to control user access to private categories and posts, as well as pages. After the upgrade to 2.3, Post Levels gave me sql errors like there was no tomorrow. I did a clean install of 2.3 on my test box and duplicated the sql errors almost immediately with a single private post. My solution, until/if Post Levels is updated (see Post Levels 1.1.1 SQL errors when attempting to view a single post), is Disclose Secret. I had to use the “Forcefully turn on” option in the Disclose-Secret 2.4 Options dialog, but have had no ill effects thus far for doing so. Protected pages work well with Disclose Secret… Protected categories still show up in the category menu; however access is restricted to logged in users with the permissible user levels.

    I don’t know if any of this helps, but Disclose Secret seems to be working fine for me on 2.3. As always, if you try it for yourself, create a backup and proceed with caution at your own risk and or discretion.

    category-access patch

    I patched Category Acess and it seems to work. But I don´t know if a category that is not visible to a user should appear in the category list in a widget or on a post (which is possible if you use the “or” option on the restriction settings). also the posting titles seem to show up in the rss.

    was this ever implemented?

    at the moment the following things seem to work with what i changed:

    postings in category with insuffient rights are:
    * not shown in html listings
    * can not be read

    postings edited or created and associated with categories the user hat no rights to use should also be modified but I didn´t test this.

    the patched file can be found under:

    another patch

    I did some more changes and i added a wdget that overlays the regular category widget to allow for hiding the private categories.

    still one of coppit’s issues is not resolved – the private comments are not hidden without patching the wp source.

    Thanks a lot for the patch, rotwp! For me this plugin is essential. After having installed the patch, it worked perfectly for a while. But after editing some of the categories last night I cannot access the options anymore. If I click “options” (Kategorie Zugriff) I see a pull-down and I can switch between new users and anonymous users but the part of the page where I used to select the categories for new or anonymous users remains blank. Any ideas what I can do about it? Thanks in advance!

    Yup, it works – sort of. If I go to the blog as an unregistered user, I get the correct view. But if I click on any of the categories, I get a “not found” error.

    Also, the Meta stuff disappears – so there’s no way for people to log in….

    But it’s close!

    I can try to look at it but it may be a while; my plate is really full right now and the weather is too nice to be inside.


    Hmmmmm. Any chance we can offer beer-and-pizza for some guru to work on this?

    Apparently the plugin confuses categories – for example, my posts in my public categories are shown in the wrong category. And clicking on a public category takes you to the login page.

    Unfortunately ACE is completely non-functional on my install…. 🙁

    No errors, but no results either.

    I was had just downloaded a fresh copy of the category access plugin, to see whether I could port it 2.3 and then I found this thread. I tried the patch from rotwp and it almost works. My blog now shows the post date, category, and user for private posts, but it properly hides the title and content. It also seems to affect my public page names, they disappear. I have things configured to “hide” posts in private categories. I’m planning to see if I can debug this, but curious to see whether anyone else is seeing this problem.



    ACE is working for me, and it fits the bill nicely. Thanks moshu.



    Actually, it’s messing things up after all. Posts that are supposed to display don’t show no matter what I try. Looks like I’ll have to look for a different solution.

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