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  • Hi – I could use some serious help with categories. I am trying to show blog archives by category. For instance category Furniture, which has 8 posts in it (cat # 39) – if I add the category to a test menu, it shows No Posts match your criteria. Here is the resulting page:

    Separately, I tried to make a furniture loop and template instead with this query in the loop
    *//$query_args = array( ‘cat’ => ’39’,
    ‘post_type’ => ‘post’,
    ‘paged’ => $paged );//*

    This had the same result (no posts matched your criteria)

    I would like to get this working and use it for a variety of different categories. Not sure where the conflict is. (Have tried deactivating all plugins, etc.) My sneaking suspicion is it might be conflicting with custom post types(???) (even though this category is on the main blog loop)? Have nothing to back that up tho.
    Thank you for your help!

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  • Perhaps you need to review category templates?

    Perhaps, thank you, I will look at that.

    I guess my bigger question is why isn’t it showing up (automatically) from the menu when I add a category as a menu item? (My apologies if that is explained in this page – will look now)

    What are you using to generate the menu? Is this a custom menu? And where is the # coming from at the end of your urls?

    Hi no – regular WP appearance >menu. And I am not sure about the # 🙁

    regular WP appearance >menu

    Then that’s a custom menu. How are you adding each menu item?

    On the appearance> menu page there is a box that says categories, I check the category and then Add to Menu.

    More importantly, however, I cannot make anything work for categories – plugins, templates, menus – anything I try no matter what category comes up saying no posts found.

    Right now I can only see Pages on your menus. And it would seem that you’re using custom permalinks, so none of your category item added via Appearance -> Menus should have the ugly permalink structure.

    Hi – I’m sorry this thread is confusing me quite a bit. I am not using custom permalinks. I am using default permalinks. I also don’t have the categories live on the menu because they are not working. None of this seems to get to the heart of the issue so far.

    When I looked through your site a few hours ago, you were using a custom permalink structure. Can you post a link to a category page?

    Here is one of the categories (furniture)

    And here is my test page – I just added all of my categories to the menu on that sidebar so you can see them.


    Ok, in doing this, I’ve noticed a few things:

    1. The category links are connecting the correct display / archive page. I can see the sidebars that I’ve assigned to the category when I click on it, just not the posts.

    2. The problem seems to be only with categories that are being populated from custom post types. I just noticed the last three which come from the main loop are working.

    Maybe this gives some insight?
    Thx again is not a properly formed category link. The correct link would be

    Hi – I feel like we’re not really digging too deep here. My site adds the # even if you put it as formated. Makes no difference… All of my sites do this… has not been a problem before. Maybe there is someone out there who has had a similar problem and has some solutions? Anyone?

    All of my sites do this

    Well, they shouldn’t. Something is seriously wrong in all of your installs.

    Ok, I am unsubscribing from this thread and will seek help elsewhere, but you have really phoned it in and have not been very helpful. Sorry.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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