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    I have 1 category where the category title is: “private: thenMyText”. All my other category titles can I edit like I want. I have no idea wy this shows “private”. Anyone can help me?

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @wilfried1954,

    Are you speaking of the title shown in the browser tab or on the theme page?

    I’ve extensively tested this behavior as I also found it to be an issue before version 3.0 of TSF. With that, I believe it was fixed indefinitely.

    Nevertheless, if you’re running the latest version of TSF, and you believe this to be an issue with TSF, could you provide me a link to your page so I can investigate?
    If you wish to do so confidentially, you can contact me here.




    I also found this on my website,Only shown in the first category.

    This is a custom post type.

    The SEO Framework 3.0.3
    WP Version 4.8.5



    it is in the category page:

    I will make a login for you and email private. Thank you.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @wilfried1954,

    Please refrain from sending login info unless explicitly asked for with a few agreements written. It’s a liability (mail hijacking, loss of revenue, etc.) and I don’t want to be subjected to lawsuits.
    This means that I’ll never ask for it because I don’t have the time to support 40k+ users in conjunction with legal information. Instead, I will try to replicate your WordPress environment.
    So, I must ask you to change the password you sent.

    That said, with Health Check, I can get all information I need.
    After installing it, you can go to “Dashboard -> Health Check -> Debug Information” and use the copyer. With that information copied, you can send it to me confidentially via the aforementioned contact page 🙂

    While you’re jumping on that ship, I’m going to check the code for any environmental bugs as this is no longer an edge case; because, we have more than 1 report.


    Oke, I did misunderstood you. I have sent you the information you asked. Thank you, Wilfried

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @wilfried1954,

    I’ve investigated the code and tried out mimicking your environment.
    Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce this issue nor find a direct cause.

    So, I’d like to ask a follow-up question:
    Does the prefix show as you enter the category edit screen, or after you start adjusting fields?


    The prefix show as I enter the category edit screen. There is only one category where this prefix is show.

    I do not remember if this prefix was already there before I did edit the category title.

    But I also have my whole website in a virtual machine. This because I always test things (like add-ons etc) offline in case something go wrong. In this VM there are a few posts less and this category is not there.

    I will add the same new articles and the category in this VM (writing down what I do and make copies of the VM in between). Maybe I find when it shows up.

    Please let me know if there are important things I should take care of. I will install the Health Check also in the VM first.

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    Hi Sybre,

    So I did some research. I started with copy of the VM of course. Then I filled in the same articles and adding categories like the website on the internet.

    The situation on the VM is now like this: I have a category named in title: Category: huwelijksstelsel

    As soon as I start to edit this title it shows: Private: xxx where xxx is what I type. I did not saved the changed title to let the VM in the state the title shows the change.

    Can you advice how to debug further? Should I install the health check on the VM and mail it again? Something else you advice to me to try it?

    Eventually I can make the VM available for download. It is only 2 GB.

    rgds, Wilfried

    Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    Hi @wilfried1954, just a sidenote, it is much better to do a test install on some subdomain, compared to VM it is much more accessible and less time consuming.

    Hi lebaux, you are right about this.

    About the problem, I did not find any reasons. I just deleted the category and add it again. Now I can edit the title just like the other categories.

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    I’ve escalated this issue to GitHub, where I visually dissected the logic flow and the needed procedure to extract data. Please contribute there for when you find any useful information:

    Thank you @wilfried1954 and @weiching-lin for your valuable input on this matter 🙂

    BTW, I do have VMware Workstation. If you can zip the folder containing the .vmdk and .vmx files, then feel free to send me a link to it with instructions to access the site via mail.
    But yea, disposable sites on subdomains, like @lebaux suggested, are much more accessible.

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