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  • Dear All,

    Please can someone help me, this can’t be a hard fix, as themes i have purchased are able to do this, but in a theme a building from scratch I seem unable to replicate it!

    The client is an artist. on the site i have created a custom post type (Gallery). I have enabled Categories for it- so each type of gallery will be a category-eg still life. easy enough!

    On the site i use custom menus, and i am generating the Galleries menu with the categories option- so when you hover over the menu item Galleries a list of categories appears.

    I created a category.php to show the posts (an index page of posts). However it will not show any posts. When choosing a gallery category from the menu it shows the category name correctly, only no posts.

    I have searched forums for hours today, and the only thing really that i can find is that i need to use a category id within the template loop. however this is no good at all, as i would have to create a new template for every category she creates when managing the site herself!

    The simple idea being that when she adds a new category, she only has to add that category to the menu and hey-presto, when a visitor clicks on the category from the menu they are presented with all the posts from said category. But i can’t be creating a template page for every category she might ever add!

    I am sure this is a really simple fix, but i cannot for the life of me find the answer. I have tried literally dozens of loop code examples from forums and the wordpress codex, to no avail. I even looked at the twenty thirteen theme and could only find a category.php file (no category-id.php etc) that i see anyhow. i copied the loop code exactly, but nothing!!

    There must be a way to display the posts from a category based on the category clicked on in the menu from one template.

    The website is viewable on

    Please can anyone help! I am pulling my hair out!
    PS I am relatively new to wordpress, only created a few other themes, and less complicated ones!

    There is also very little point in adding code here, as it has changed so many times I don’t even know what version would be close!!

    Many thanks!

    Ash Bullman

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