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  • Hi Guys, bear with me this is all new to me . I have been getting used to wordpress and experimenting here at . The problem I’m having is that I am creating catagorys:
    Hiking europe
    sub cat : hiking France
    sub cat: hiking UK – Two hikes listed for uk both appearing on the same page for hiking
    Now I would like only one hike per page and listed on the side menu under hiking uk thus:
    hiking UK
    Pembrokshire Coastal Path
    Hadrians Wall
    Is there any way of acheving this?
    PS is there anyway of getting email notification of these posts when someone replys

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  • I cannot understand what you are up to.
    You can follow your posting by clicking the member links right below your username (beside your post).

    I think I understand…..
    in the hicking category, you only want one post per page.
    Then in the menu, a list of other posts in the same category.
    The menu thing I think it might be possible. Let me try a few things when I get home, it sounds like an idea I could use myself. Might be a candidate for a plugin.
    The one post per page is a bit tricky. Unfortunatly, it’s an all or nothing (at the moment) and you would have to set up the entire WP site as one post per page. It’s in the Admin screen under Options. Then select “Other Options” set it to “Posted Pages” and to “1” post per page. But like I said, that affects the entire site. I’m not 100% if there is a way to do it on a per category basis. There probably is, just don’t know what it is.

    Thanks TG. I proberbly haveent explained it very well. I will check the options you mentioned and wait to hear from you.

    you are wanting a title list of the entries in each catagory? just asking to clarify

    Yes a list of of entries in each category. So that each entry can be clicke d on under any given category to display that post.
    Sorry it took so long to reply. With out the usual email notification of replys to post’s I tend to forget.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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