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  • Is there a way to change the color scheme or design template of wordpress when switching to a specific category? Such as a category called temp1 and it having a different template than the home page. Is that possible?

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  • Mark (podz)


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    This was discussed briefly ina thread a few weeks back … I think Techgnome mentioned it and rboren commented. It was 1.5 specific – a good trawl through the templates section may flip it over. I didn’t bookmark it at the time ..

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Hi, will the WP1.5 feature work in a way that the category specific template also will be opened with viewing a post in one of those categories, either directly from the homepage or as permalink?

    i’m working on something similiar, and i’m finding that if you don’t have sub-categories, and only one category per entry- you’re OK.

    so- i was using a modified version of the code listed here:

    and i placed this in my header.php where page begins, to tell me what category it was.

    Is this a category?

    switch($cat) {
    case "1":
    print "this is under cat1";
    case "2":
    print "this is under cat2";
    case "3":
    print "this is under cat3";
    case "4":
    print "this is under cat4";
    print "default";

    and what I discovered is:

    – single entries will display the the category they are listed under.
    – and top-level categories will display the same number

    – but when you have sub-categories, they list themselves in the top-level category.

    for example:

    portfolio (returns it’s ID as cat2)
    – books (returns parent ID cat2 as but it is category 3)
    – – Individual entry, (returns parent ID cat3)

    what i need is:

    portfolio (return cat2)
    – books (return it’s own ID cat3)
    – – Individual entry, (returns parent ID cat3)

    so as long as you have a one-level hierarchy it’s OK.

    but this isn’t OK for me. :o(

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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