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  • I made changes to a category but since the changes when I access the specific category url it redirects me to a post that’s not even in that category instead of the category archive page. I have flushed the permalinks. (saved) but there is no change. Can anyone help me with this, All my other category pages work fine and I am using the 2016 theme.
    Thanks a bunch.

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  • What changes exactly did you make to the category in question?

    If you add a menu item for this category to a menu does it link to the incorrect location?

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    I edited the category name and slug. I also realized what’s happening. Instead of showing the category’s archived posts from latest going back it is showing the first post ever in that category and nothing else. (I unpublished that first post and now it shows the second to last post) My other category pages are fine though with the correct behavior so am really baffled.

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    If you create a new category and move the posts from the troublesome category into it, does that category archive work okay?

    Try deleting the troublesome category and creating it as a new category, add some posts to it and look to see if it is behaving as it should.

    I’m really not sure what else to suggest, if you bump your thread it may end up being closed to future replies by a mod.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ok will try that…thanks

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