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  • Heya all

    I have been playing with my website recently and have decided to add a new section to it detailing alot of seperate products divded up by thier individual makes. For instance the setup is as follows:

    main cat: Supplements
    sub cat: AST
    sub cat: BBA
    sub cat: etc, etc

    Now for each one i have added the slug as the name of the category but in lowercase and with – for spaces where applicable. The resulting URL is as follows:

    This is working fine HOWEVER on one of my categorys it will not work. The category maximuscle will not keep the correct slug. It keeps converting itself to maximuscle-supplements or maximuscle-supplements-2 etc etc. Of course it should just be maximuscle. Now im guessing this is some sort of duplication issue that is not allowing me to make that category however i need to get it fixed and am having real issues. I have dug around the database, looked in various files and cannot find anyway to fix this. Can anyone give me some pointers on a way to fix this?

    PS: There is only one Maximuscle category, not multiple.

    Please help! 🙂


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  • bump~

    I’m having the same problem, and there are several forum posts that indicate other people have the problem, with no offered solution. Anyone? It was working fine for me and suddenly started doing this in 2.7.1.

    I’m getting the same problem – would like to know where to look for the conflicts, or to fix it!

    I also get the same problem. Very annoying. Running 2.7.1.

    Same here, on 2.7.1.

    It seems that the slug must be unique. Can’t think of any reason why though…

    Anyone have a fix for this?

    The problem happens when you try to create a category and tag with the same slug. It started with 2.7.1 but updating from earlier versions keeps the existing category slugs even if the tag slug exists; it won’t however let you create new ones that duplicate tag slugs.

    My workaround is to create the categories first as I want them, and then the tag slugs using a _ in place of a hyphen for the tags, e.g. category internet-marketing, tag internet_marketing.

    IMO, this is a bug.



    Thanks Isobel, I had the same issue and using the underscore instead of the dash fixed it. I have a category called Los Angeles and the url kept staying at los-angeles-2, deleting the 2 wasn’t working. I changed it to los_angeles and it worked fine.

    Weird bug though.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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