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  • panda74


    I have a category single page in the navigation menu of twenty-thirteen theme. Some CSS rules make an effect for the current menu item.
    When I browse the em-category page, I lost “current-menu-item” class.
    I tried with other “objects” like location, event, etc. They works well with “current-menu-item”. So I did a little investigation in the “nav-menu-template.php” located in wp-includes folder.
    The problem seems come from the function “_wp_menu_item_classes_by_context” around line 484 :

    elseif (
    			<strong>$menu_item->object_id == $queried_object_id</strong> &&
    				( ! empty( $home_page_id ) && 'post_type' == $menu_item->type && $wp_query->is_home && $home_page_id == $menu_item->object_id ) ||
    				( 'post_type' == $menu_item->type && $wp_query->is_singular ) ||
    				( 'taxonomy' == $menu_item->type && ( $wp_query->is_category || $wp_query->is_tag || $wp_query->is_tax ) && $queried_object->taxonomy == $menu_item->object )

    For a location/event, $menu_item->object_id equals $queried_object_id then the function add “current-menu-item”. However this is not the case for category. I found that category is the only taxonomy in this plugin, so I don’t know whether the problem is related.

    As I don’t know what $menu_item->object_id and $queried_object_id stand for, neither how a taxonomy works in the back-end, I’m totally clueless to resolve the problem.

    Any suggestion is welcome !

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